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Clear the Air

I have writers block right now.  It is because what I really want to say is probably just too heavy.  I just feel like throwing my hands in the air while screaming and shouting like a madman.  I want to run around like a crazed lunatic breaking all kinds of precious little things that people flaunt and fight over.  I want to be the party pooper and kick everybody out of this drug house of prescription meds and synthetic substances.  I want to send a shock wave through the air to overload every device and television.  At that moment, when the air has been cleared, the drugs have lost effect, and all our little things are irrelevant, I want to say; take a look around man. 


Gravity Turned


Gravity pulls us in.  It is a beautiful thing. 

Happy Memorial Day!


Today I have been thinking a lot about the soldiers from my old unit and how similar or different soldiers further back in history were.  Joining the Army was like joining a family.  We all had to overcome together and the mission was for everybody to make it.  There was no sense of climbing ladders and kicking others down while fighting to reach the top.  We were a genuine family.  I miss my old battle buddies and I will never forget the life experiences we helped each other through.  I think the soldiers in the past probably had similar experiences growing together to become an efficient family of defenders.  Much love to all who dedicate their lives to defending ours.  Never forget that it is you that they fight for and there should be nothing else worth the sacrifice.

What Moves You?


From the smallest observable particles, to the beating of our own hearts and even the transfer of ideas and emotions, movement is a constant key to our existence.  It is not the particles themselves that manifest what we see and touch, it is their behavior in motion.  If the particles stopped moving, the object would cease to exist, though the particles would remain.  We are not so different from these particles.  The reality created around us is a result of our movement as well.  If we have no movement we will manifest nothing, though we will remain.  What moves you?

Revealing a Sense

When you become aware of something, you gain a sense for it.  You then must translate that sense into words if you mean to convey it through spoken or written language.  It is the sense that is first born, and it is the sense that can never fit into words.  Can words effectively lead one to a sense at all?  The only way to gain a sense through another persons words is to take the words with you on your own path and test their application, yet be weary of how much trust you put into them.  Even then, it will translate differently to each perspective.  The words; life is beautiful, can not mean a thing to those who have yet to experience that from it.  Yet it means completely different things to those who have.  This leads me to believe that experience can be the only true teacher.  We gain our senses through experience and rationalize with our words.  Maybe the saying “come to your senses” can be applied when we become buried in words of contradictions where no sense can be made.  There is no conclusion to be found, just an ever evolving sense.

My Award Speech!


I am very thankful for the community here on wordpress.  There are many great minds here working together toward understanding the place we have woken in and the vessels we travel in.  Thank you Naima for nominating me for this award!  So, I think I am supposed to say some things about myself and then nominate the ones who inspire me.  Forgive me if I screw this up…

I am 28, but I see myself as a child still

I spent my teenage years skateboarding like a madman

I have met countless celebrities, though was more impressed with meeting good honest folks

I am a veteran and the time I spent in Iraq was one of my most difficult, yet mind opening journeys

I believe that words can make enough sense to change the world

I have a beautiful daughter, so I have to hurry and finish this up so I can get back to her.

I love you and everybody else with all my heart, especially my enemies, because they need to feel it the most.

I nominate these great folks for this award:

Thank you again and it feels great to be here with you!

It Moves


Trying to define reality is like trying to define what time it is.

Education Revelation

What if we completely changed our education system and made it to cater to individual strengths instead of forcing the same standard format education to all?  What if the focus was self awareness, conflict resolution, and academics?  Notice that academics was the last thing listed and that I was implying its level of importance in relation to the others.  If you do not agree, try thinking about what purpose each of those items serve.  Without self awareness you are open to be controlled without your awareness.  Not just by other people, but by circumstances and primitive triggered responses, such as a knee jerk reaction.  Without conflict resolution we will continue waging war after war with greater weapons of mass destruction each time.  Without academics we will…. somebody help me out here.

The illusion of hope.

Until we find real hope in each other, we will continue to dedicate our earnings to prisons of false hope, sold to us by opportunists who depend on our hopelessness. It is all an illusion that does not exist by necessity but by circumstance.

Reserved for the Noblest

Oh great leaders, I regret to inform you that you are losing the support of your followers. We have given you the benefit of the doubt for many decades now, but the evidence of your intentions has become very clear. If you wish to remain in place you will have to prove that you are in place to serve the well being of the people. Our voices are being silenced by the money that serves your interests and the interests of the corporations who bought you out under the table. You say this is just the way it works and we should all occupy a job. How do you suppose we should feel about your request? Our request is that you simply represent the people instead of the money. That is reasonable and realistic. Your request is that we silence ourselves and accept being monitored through highly advanced surveillance tools that we paid for through taxes. You request that we support and pay for violent wars that continue long after self defense is non existent. You request that we do not rally together for what we believe in if it is a threat to your intentions. You request that we give up freedom of speech, our right to trial by jury, and our humanity and empathy toward nations of conflict. I regret to inform you that your requests reveal your fearful, hopeless, and power hungry mentality. We can see you and it is not pretty. Can you see yourself? Please correct your short comings of noble characteristics and we may thrive together. We still have hope in you, and that is why you still have your job. A job that is not for the least or the average, but reserved for the greatest and noblest. Thank you for hearing this.

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