There is no such thing as an enemy. The word is just a label for one force to be content with the disharmony of another force.  To refer to other humans as your enemy is just evidence of your own unwillingness to reach that harmony. War is primitive and will never be the answer and we are seriously wasting our time and resources just to perpetuate our ignorance. Why does America want to go to war with Iran? It is because of fear, and rightfully so. America has been over-stepping all over the world and our way of life truly has been at the expense of others. Realistic people have used backwards rationalization to justify the need for this, not realizing that our problems will only grow with this mentality. I really hope there will be a shift some day, because it all comes down to mentality. All of our problems and conflicts with each other are created out of thin air. Kids could be taught how to deal with conflicts better than the previous generations, especially when our survival as a species depends on our ability to live in harmony together. The world is very connected now. We can choose to not adopt the failing ways of the past and do something completely new as we realize how capable we are together.

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