There is pleasure in purpose.

Of all the things which entertain, amuse, and stimulate me, it is purpose that I live for ultimately.

    • nikki shipley
    • May 11th, 2012

    We all have a purpose. If we don’t have pleasure in our purpose, we ultimately have no pleasure in anything.

    • Very true. Although, I may need to elaborate on this post. In my very first post on this blog I talk about returning from Iraq. I saw people who’s purpose, for some reason, was blind materialism, and to be led by dancing puppets and talking heads(rappers, pop stars, entertainers, etc.) who were on a mission to spread the love for blind materialism and empowering their viewers to become that. They served a purpose for those who could see them trying hopelessly to become full off that which has no substance. They served a purpose to distract themselves from reality in the pursuit of pleasure. That is a false purpose though. It is not about seeing how fluffy and wonderful life is. That can be blinding and we can manifest false ideals and expectations that are not real. The real struggle is to just see life for what it actually is, to cast light in the dark areas of our own self, then it is very clear that the potential is much greater than what is now. Life is beautiful, but the beauty comes from something that may not be understood as beautiful to us. Most true purposes would be viewed as the least pleasureful path, only an idiot would go down that path! Unless we find pleasure in true purposes. One way to start doing that is to not define our purposes based on our pleasures. Thank you so much for commenting and I hope to keep you interested!

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