This blog is dedicated to understanding through empathy and self awareness. It seems that we are easily mislead by opportunists who have no problem with gaining from others misfortune. If we do not truly know our inner selves and do not understand others, we will be at the mercy of the opportunists false truths and those false truths will begin to shape our own identity. By searching deep within it is easy to see that the most beautiful aspects of ourselves are being suppressed by false values that come from the top of our social structures. We lose hope for each other and it stays a dog eat dog kind of world. Most will believe that it is out of their hands to make a change, so might as well try to get a slice of the pie. However, in knowing yourself, you realize that you aren’t even designed for that pie. It does not nourish you, it is more likely to poison you. From that point, it becomes an individual journey to find what really is nourishing.  This blog is not about me, it is a mirror. We are all reflections of each other and there is unbelievable power in our choices. Even the opportunist will see that is not his or her true identity, but a false hope for filling a void. Without the illusions, we can be capable of reaching toward our true potential of being human.

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