What religion do you cheer for?

All religions have much to teach us. Why do people treat them like football teams, choose your sides and oppose all others? They repeat phrases instead of using their own words, they stick their noses in the air and feel sorry for everybody that doesn’t follow the same ignorant bliss. I am pretty sure we are using them wrong. Religion is about spirituality, personal enlightment, and the difference of good and bad with the importance of both. Or maybe i am wrong. I just can’t help but notice the people spreading the message that so and so is the only way are usually making money from you. Offensive, I know, but worth a thought.

  1. “I just can’t help but notice the people spreading the message that so and so is the only way are usually making money from you.”

    …does not really lead to:

    “All religions have much to teach us.”

    • Sorry, I must elaborate then. Preachers are not the religion. Religions are not in their original form either. They have become very similar to corporations so i try to slice that cancer off before consuming. Religions are pointing fingers, your not supposed to marry the finger as a ticket to heaven. Just look at what they are pointing at.

      • That’s an interesting metaphor, but it’s still an arbitrary take on the subject at hand. Of course religions have evolved, but the Abrahamic religions have been exclusivist from the beginning. You may choose to believe that there was a time when religions were free of avarice, so to speak, and hope for a time in the future when they would be so again. You could even divorce this bit of wishful thinking from the pseudo-historical themes in your posts and just keep it abstract. …what religion is at its heart as opposed to what it is in practice. But all of this is wishful thinking. Religion is what it is in practice, warts and all, because those warts are part and parcel of the project of religion, always has been and always will be.

  2. Everything has an intention and a potential. I am not sure what yours is at this moment, but this was mine; to free the mind from obligations to confinement. Spend less time being fed from one source. Did I strike a chord with you? What is your intent? What is the potential of your intent?

  3. The people making money off of you are the ones that make religions exclusive. We all have something to learn from religions, whether or not we’re tied up in them. Apparently even you, Mr. Dammit, have learned your fair share from them.

    Invalidating another’s point for the sake of validating your own is a quite warty practice as well; though, it is indeed highly beneficial. There is much to learn from everything good sir…

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