The Truth

All we have to ponder on is relative truth. The truths we seek determine what will be absolutely true.

  1. Please… feel free to define “absolute truth” for us 🙂

    • If anybody ever tells you they know the definition of absolute truth, I would be weary. If I were held at gunpoint and demanded to define it, I would say; It is what remains. The outcome. What we face after the fact. It is a variable. And potentially still relative to even greater truths, never ending, like a pattern that repeats itself infinitely. I don’t claim to be right, but it is my relative truth that will guide me to where I am not.

      • exactly!! Well said… as always, thank you for you prospective!! Now.. I am going to sit and think about 🙂

      • Soooo.. isn’t the fact that you believe “there’s no absolute Truths” and absolute truth in and of its self??

      • Good call on that one. If it is infinite then it will all be relative to something. Maybe absolute should be changed to greater. That just doesn’t convey the sense of the concept as well… And since we are what it is relative to, that makes it our absolute truth, not THE absolute truth… True? Words are funny, but how else can we point to our thoughts?

      • Oh, I think I misread your question. No, it is still relative to my simplistic understanding of what truth means. It could be changed just by knowledge of another truth, making it relative still.

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