Are we really doing the best we can? Have we identified the magnitude of human potential or are we stuck on the magnitude of profit? Is that what is mainly driving us? That is the driver of this cosmic vehicle? There are other drivers who are ready and willing to take the wheel. They are not people or establishments or anything else we have created. These drivers are in all of us. They can’t take the wheel unless you choose them. Or we can keep buying into the realistic lies of our constructed reality.

  1. Do you consider these “drivers” to be archetypes?

    • They could be. I don’t want to limit the drivers to anything specific but that is a versatile word so it stands well. Anything that moves us or compels us to do anything or everything is what drives us. We choose what to be driven by, but we don’t choose, individually, what drivers exist. Maybe we can collectively though. What is possible is never likely, but that is a symbol of its worth. Thanks for the word by the way! I had to look it up but don’t tell anybody.

      • No worries, I use archetype for those type of drivers, they are intelligent patterns shared by everyone.

      • I worry about external drivers though. They are usually tools of manipulation for gain. I keep asking myself what an ideal internal driver would be. Love? That word is mistaken for desire pretty often so even that driver can be used and manipulated. I keep going back to self awareness every time. That way at least you can know what is driving you if it leads you astray.

      • Drivers (archetypes) work on the subconscious emotive level, thus appear in concrete terms. A difference needs to be made between an abstract word like “love” and our subjective meanings we apply to it. The subjective meanings are where the drivers lurk.

        If I identify the archetypes that move people, I can clothe the archetype in words and images and shape how people think and act.

      • You are on it! It brings much more clarity to ask why people say and do things rather than asking what people are saying and doing. Sometimes the reason why is so apparent that I can’t hear what, because deep down I know which is relevant and which is misleading. I always figured it was empathy that made that happen, but maybe it is not empathy by itself. Maybe, in understanding how drivers effect our own responses, we can then apply self awareness and empathy together. Then, looking at other people becomes like looking in a mirror in a way. Thanks for the thought provoking conversation, I will definitely have to check out your blog!

      • I think you have inspired me to a blog I shall do tomorrow!

      • There is nothing greater we can do on here than to inspire each other. Thank you again sir!

    • thesubterraneanworld
    • May 22nd, 2012

    This was no less than any inspiration. You defined the mechanism of the world and existence of humans in just a paragraph which is a talent in itself 🙂
    Any ways, I believe my HEART to be the driver, more over because life exhibits various changes at various stages, you have to know to trick and deceive the situations and tackle them at the appropriate time. Heart is a HOME for feelings and thoughts, feelings occur due to thoughts so we can centralize the HEART in our body! It drives the human potential but no heart can be a “PERFECT DRIVER” cause being humans , we are prone to make flaws and these flaws leave us with various spore like holes that can affect our driving skill.
    Happy Writing 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words! Internally driven by real love, safely through the chaos of the externally manifested. You got the ticket! Nothing was defined in its entirety here, just thoughtful speculation which might be on a useful track for understanding.

    • thesubterraneanworld
    • May 22nd, 2012

    Darn! You’ve got a magnet ! I am impressed how ya commented back.
    Thank you so very much for appreciating and personally I loved your blog 🙂
    It is thought-provoking 🙂

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