Peace and freedom coexist

Peace and freedom contradict each other when sought as an external gift to be received. It must be found internally before it can manifest externally.

    • thesubterraneanworld
    • May 23rd, 2012

    This was so inspirational!

  1. Freedom from peace, or should I say the desire for peace. When one desires peace, they take away other’s freedoms because they fear for their peace. It’s a silly world we’ve built…

  2. Peace and freedom are only terms formed and shaped by different cultures and approaches, and what we manifest from them within us is just an adaptation to whatever these terms resemble to us, and not necessarily defining anything related to ultimate peace of freedom.. .

    • Great comments on here, thank you guys. This leads me back to the sense that we exist because of opposition. Maybe we get all the peace and freedom we need when we sleep. We are not free from gravity as long as we are on Earth but it is a good thing. Otherwise how would we experience all of the amazing things we do (jumping, running, acrobats, sports, etc.), otherwise we would just be floating around and that would get boring. I get restless if I do not have a goal that requires overcoming opposition. I find peace in facing my opposition, yet I am driven by the unpeace in it, which is how you have any experience worth experiencing maybe. It is like a never ending cycle, maybe just for a larger conscience to experience itself in intricate ways through us individually. It would not, just as we would not, want to watch a movie in total suspended belief if there was no story of growth against opposition. Maybe peace is not what we want to find, we grew tired of that and got bored, maybe it is the oppositions that make our lives worth living and give us reason to experience and overcome so we can all be micro heroes. I could find peace in believing that haha! This might all be the ramblings of a micro-organism that has no idea what his role is in the grand scheme of things. I am not here to know, I am just here to find the best way to live. And by design, that will probably be what I am supposed to do. If this sounds like the ramblings of a madman I apologize, I just returned from dreamland and I am still half there I think. I might completely change my mind in an hour after I have had my coffee…

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