Not My Enemy…

Last night i followed a mysterious old man through shallow water. He led me to an island and told me the people were praying for this land. I gazed at the beautiful island in awe as the old man continued walking out of sight. There were a few trees growing up through the flowing tall grass that glistened in the light rays shining through the mountains of clouds drifting overhead. My trance was broken by a large black fish that was so large i could see neither head nor tail. Fearfully I climbed onto the island to escape the danger but the fish began to flap wildly against the shore. The land shook and rocked forward and back until it flipped completely over like a flap jack.  The beautiful land was now a lifeless muddy plain. The fish was there and had grown legs and was much smaller so i ran toward him with violent intentions. Just then, the old man appeared and said the fish was not my enemy. Then I woke up. I would love to hear interpretations…

  1. How did it make you feel? lol I use to know someone who interpreted dreams and that was always the first question.

    • It helped me to realize that I have no enemies in life. There are opposing forces that stem from root sources and can not be defeated when viewed as an enemy. It takes a greater awareness to solve problems, and that greater awareness is not looking at things as enemies. It takes no side, but supports the optimum resolution. It also reflects on how I feel about all of the changes going on in the world. I think the fish represented people, but not individuals, more like the majority. The land was beautiful, all that I felt was beautiful was being destroyed, but the fish grew legs so maybe that represented evolution, and it was much smaller so maybe that meant it was a smaller group of people. The old man was probably my subconscious, which is wiser than my constructed self.

    • Well, I had to steal a bit from my reply and slap it up as a post! Thanks for helping to bring that bit out of me!

  2. The old man is Papa Legba. He is the mythological gatekeeper at the crossroads of life. Whenever you are stuck in life, it is he that opens the gate and lets you move forward onto a new road to travel on.

    The people in your dream are praying for the land because people in the waking world pray night and day for the land to be saved. Our souls are all connected to each other and when we sleep we know what others are doing because even though our bodies are lying in bed, our souls travel and connect with each other.

    The fish represents the beast that humankind has created. We have created a monster and this monster keeps consuming way too much and because of this forests and nature is being destroyed. The monster is so powerful that soon there will be nothing left.

    But the monster is not the enemy, it can be tamed. We can use it to our benefit if we only learn to consume less.

    • Thanks so much for the interpretation! I had never heard of Papa Legba before so I just looked up some info on him. I was shocked while reading! There are many things in my life that correlate with him or his influence/enabling. I feel in great relation to his character as well. He is master of the road, so we are both travelers and we met on the path. He says few words, displays empathy and uses mirror symbolism, all of which kind of define the basis of my blog, especially in the beginning. I read that everybody has their own Legba and he is the bridge to understanding and communication, so I know I have definitely been seeking in that direction full force for awhile now. He (or the dream) is the reason I began to blog as well. After that dream I felt like I was bursting with energy and it was actually scary because it could have manifested itself in any way. After spilling it out on here I felt better, and I haven’t stopped since. There are not many people around me that would have input on this, so yours is very, very appreciated. It seems like Legba would have something to do with the pineal gland in our brain… though I found nothing online making that connection. What do you think?

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