World vs Mind Theory

What if you were only a fraction of “you”?
Could it be that we are all part of the same “us”?
When i die will I be judged by my greater “self”?
Is that greater “self” all of us?
One brain has many neurons which act independent and in relation to each other. Parts of the brain thrive while other parts are neglected. When contradiction occurs there is internal conflict and different parts of the brain will oppose each other. All this generates a place that we call the mind. Your state of mind describes what kind of place is generated. Think about the word “mind” and what it really means to you. What is your mind? Could the world we live in also be a mind that we are able to experience individually and collectively?

    • Marie
    • July 20th, 2013

    I’ve read tidbits here and there about a collective mind- I don’t remember much of it right now. So how do we experience a collective mind? Any examples?

    • Frequency carries information. We have an electromagnetic field which is constantly emitting frequencies outward over great distances. These frequencies, if we could only measure and interpret them with a device other than our own bodies, would presumably carry more information in one second than we could consciously interpret in a lifetime. If there were a collective conscious I think this is how it would be aware of itself. To understand why communication is so relevant; everything is a vibration of nothing. There is no matter without the force of the vibration or frequency. This means that our world is comprised of this interaction or communication of frequencies. Lately, however, I am questioning the collective conscious theory because it contradicts many of my spiritual experiences.

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