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There is nothing in this existence designed to meet your expectations.
It is all a gift for realization.

Where does change happen?

The power of what’s internal to change what’s external is greater than the power of what’s external to change what’s internal.

Where does the past go?

What is the past? Where does it go? Is it lost forever? Are we gone when we die?
I think if we consider that time only exists as a linear understanding due to perception, we can choose to look at it in a way that our perception would not be inclined to.
Maybe the forward and backward concept will never lead us to an answer because we are asking the wrong questions. Let’s consider the fact that energy does not dissipate, it only moves from one place to another, which implies that the sum of energy in the universe, our vessel, stays the same. The movement allows us to perceive “time” because we are energy equipped with form and perception. The frequency of the movement, and everything we experience in the present is a result of the past which means that the energy of the past is needed to manifest the forces/forms of the present. Without the energy of the past, there would be no present. Nothing truly dies. Nothing is ever gone. It just changes from a variable to a result over and over again.



It is time to let go of our fears and our pain.
Let the pure love strengthen and prepare us for the road ahead.
It is not love that will be washed away.

Incredible Force

We are made up of almost entirely empty space. Everything we perceive are forces who are inclined to hold their forms and interact with other forms. We are forces inclined to form perception. Everything represents the force which forms it. The force which forms us must be incredible. We just have no idea yet.

We are Forever

I haven’t felt this alive since the day I was born.

How did I forget I was alive?  Or is that the wrong question?

What did I come to believe about all of this that would take away from feeling alive?

Oh, I see… I believed I was only a part of this instead of realizing that all of this is also a part of me.

I am not just the responsive flesh I travel in.  I am the energy that drives the flesh.

The same energy that has always been here.

I am forever

and so are you.

Without Judgement

To judge is small minded
To understand is great minded
Challenge yourself to understand without judgement.

The Process

Constant self destruction for constant self renewal, collectively and individually, is the process.
Everything is right on track. Do not dwell on the current state. Smile for the process and the genius of its design.

Beyond Approval

Look far past the approved truths. Approval often means it suits a motive.

Till death do us part…

There is a relationship between spirit and ego. They are partners who need to be nourished by the other. We are the result of that relationship and it is the single most important relationship we will ever have. The state of all external relationships are dependent on this.

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