Identity Crisis

We are each other.

Realizing this will give us great power in understanding and redirecting our egos according to a bigger picture rather than our individual selves.  Sometimes our ego (as a result of our understanding of our identity) will want to win so badly to benefit itself, that everyone ends up losing.  This happens because we attach our ego to ideas that shape our understanding of who we are.  For example, had my ego believed I was an American citizen, Christian, graduate, middle class, member of whatever political party, I would not be permitting myself to travel through empathy as I do now.  I may empathize strongly within the confinements of what agrees with my identity, but to freely travel elsewhere would destroy who I thought I was.

Lose to win.

After realizing that our identity is infinite and should never be confined, our egos will become more beneficial and less defensive.  Your ego is my ego and mine is yours.  I can feel what I feed to your ego as you can feel what you feed to mine.  We become aware of where we are going instead of being victim to reacting to each others defenses.  When this is not happening mutually we may choose to lose in order to win because our reactions are not determined by defending something vulnerable.  An infinite identity has nothing to defend, it can only expand.  The art of losing to win is simple.  It only requires the awareness of identity and the situational process instead of the current state.  When facing an ego with a confined identity who displays emotional responses and demands, one can choose to feed whatever it is their ego is demanding.  This will trigger a success response in that ego and it will do two things at that point; lower its defenses and ask or demand for more.  This is where you allow their ego to overfeed itself while its defenses are down, which enables it for realization.  There is a magical tiny window of opportunity when an ego questions itself after overfeeding.  It will have a moment of inclination to dislike itself.  At this point you must be crafty in how you package your delivery because it will go far into their identity that they were protecting.  This is not something to do without nobleness and humility.  The end result should be love and understanding.  The point is to free each other from our identity crisis.

    • Voiceless in America
    • July 15th, 2012

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  1. Brilliant stuff! I like the phrase, ‘your ego is my ego’– It lends itself to the illusion of separation, and people wanting to be ‘individuals’, but at the same time forgetting ‘we are all one’.

    • Yes and the good thing is that we are both; individuals and one at the same time. It is just relative to the vantage point, and both are true at any given moment. Just like one person is made up of many smaller forms of intelligently functioning parts, it is all part of an equation that adds to a form, whether tangible or intangible. Thank you so much for your feedback!!

  2. I don’t know how you found my blog but I’m grateful you did. I am intrigued by your philosophy. I agree with it whole heartedly. Looking forward to reading more. Thank you so much.

    • I am grateful as well. Chance and timing are determined by a bit of everything it seems. Therefore, it must operate with reason and purpose as a result of the variables which produce it. Thanks for following!

  3. “We are each other.”


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