It is time to let go of our fears and our pain.
Let the pure love strengthen and prepare us for the road ahead.
It is not love that will be washed away.

  1. Positive words for a negative world my friend.

  2. The only love that will wash away isn’t really love at all. It is an illusion of a feeling; a deceit based on eternal truths, masquerading in a facade of meaning and beauty, bearing nothing real at all. Prepare ourselves, by all means, for that pure love… Yes. Because we have lost sight of what it actually looks like, and what it actually means. Nice brainwave.

    • Thanks, and nice brainwave to you as well! Love is a higher frequency than fear and makes more contact points with other frequencies for communication or data/energy transfer purposes. It just works and it is simple. I am a high school drop out with no college experience. I only went to school because of fear if i didn’t. I did horrible. However, when i do and learn things out of love, I shine!

      • Powerful. Brilliant. And good for you… Learning to inform yourself for the love of learning and understanding rather than for the fear of not being educated: awesome. High five, my friend.

      • “Love is a higher frequency than fear.”


        If we could all transform our indoctrinated thinking and learn to see things through an energy-field perspective, there would be so much more peace on this planet. How simple, and yet profound. That idea is more real and more practical than anything I’ve heard in a long time. Nice.

  3. Very, very cool. I love how you make simple things that are so potent.

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