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The Process

Constant self destruction for constant self renewal, collectively and individually, is the process.
Everything is right on track. Do not dwell on the current state. Smile for the process and the genius of its design.

Beyond Approval

Look far past the approved truths. Approval often means it suits a motive.

Till death do us part…

There is a relationship between spirit and ego. They are partners who need to be nourished by the other. We are the result of that relationship and it is the single most important relationship we will ever have. The state of all external relationships are dependent on this.


In order for the idea of growth to exist
there must be an opposing force or resistance to grow through.


Of all the things i can see in myself, by myself, exploring fearlessly through the darkest areas of my psyche…
without your reflection, I can only be lost.

There are no voids to fill

only openings to travel through.

Unless we ask the right questions
our answers will mean nothing.

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