Brain in a Jar


There is a question regarding the literalness of the matrix concept and how it applies to our world.  Some people wondered if it was implying that we are like a brain in a jar, so to speak, that is experiencing a simulation of life, or if it was implying that our financial institutions, governments, educations systems, churches, media outlets, etc. are a false front to control the masses.  I thought for awhile on this because the question is regarding the details of specific things that mean the same thing.  A brain in a jar is not the same as what the true story probably is, but it is equivalent to the truth.  We are not living with our eyes and our hearts.  We have learned how to respond to benefit individual survival and wealth without true consciousness and self awareness.  We believe that we are powerless to the reality we live in and that we are victims of all the external factors that force us to do what we do and be who we are.  This is very backwards and it is only true if we continue to believe it.  We collectively self inflict our suffering by enabling greed and fear to dictate our choices.  We then feel like we have no choice due to the circumstances brought about by reacting to greed and fear.  It will take a jolt to change this as a whole and snap everybody into reality.

Whether it was all planned maliciously to control people like farm animals so that a few can hold complete control and power or not is irrelevant.  We are seeing these results in our lives either way.  If we choose not to live this way by enabling our collective internal shift instead of being sold by external solutions, nobody would have the power to stop us.  It would not take war or riots or anything violent.  It would just become because it is an intangible energy shift.

People are waking up everywhere.  They are realizing that all the effort they put into the life they have been sold is fruitless to the spirit and evolution of our species.  It does not matter what was causing it when we stop enabling it.  It does not have power over us.  Our own energy is the power and we are ultimately responsible for what kind of world we create for ourselves here.

Now is the time to step deep within ourselves and strip away all of the external to see who we truly are.  Not as any of the labels which we feel define us, not as any ideal that we wish to be, but as the pure energy that allows us to take form and flow with choice.  Do not try to bend or shatter the jar, that is impossible.  Simply realize that; there is no jar.

  1. Powerful. Poignant. Right on time.

    Synchronicity: I was just having this conversation with my stepson yesterday, when he asked me why I think our country is so far behind much of the modern world. My response was simple.

    The average American prison guard brings in an annual salary somewhere around $55,000.

    Here in the state of Oklahoma, the average public school teacher makes approximately $23,000 a year.

    ***To be a prison guard, NO FORMAL EDUCATION IS REQUIRED.


    See the gist? I was raised by a conspiracy theorist, so I’m quick to dismiss much of these types of thought processes. However, it’s striking when you step back and really think about these implications.

    Our government puts more money into keeping bad guys off the streets than it does teaching our children, giving them a future and an ability to think for themselves, for one reason: the dumber the masses, the easier it becomes to convince everyone that they are powerless. The more we educate our children, the looser the grip becomes from the government over the governed; that is not in the best interests of the power supply; the elite; the 1%…

    In reality, we have all the power. We slap have no power. Because collectively, we are only as strong as our weakest link. We need to bring our people out of their slumber. If you ask me. 😉

    Great post, my friend. Love it.

    Everything you write reminds me of my own similar (yet varied) thoughts…

    • (TYPO): “We have all the power. We ALSO have no power.”

      …sorry, I blog from my smartphone 🙂

    • Yes! I am feeling that it is not unrealistic for so many people to wake up anymore because it is happening everywhere. People are feeling the wisdom that is not being taught and it lines up so many times. I am meeting more and more people who share the same thoughts but might have never expressed themselves if there was nobody willing to encourage them. Those are the ones who are overwhelmingly thankful because they always wanted to feel that it was ok to wake up. Judgement and conditioning is strong, but we have the power to break through. Many people are telling me that I have changed their lives with my words, but it is not what I can tell them that changes their life. It is simply allowing them to accept their own intuition. It is all internal and it is available to everybody who seeks it. Knowing that makes it easier because we don’t have to teach so many details to paint a complex picture to a whole bunch of people, but only let them know that we feel it too, then it confirms what is already inside of them. Not everybody is ready or willing, but I want to focus on those who are. They deserve the chance. Thank you for your wonderful comment, I really appreciate everything you project and I believe that life itself really appreciates you in the biggest picture.

      • Collective consciousness!!! Dig it!!!

        Your words absolutely change lives, my friend. The power lies not so much in the knowledge you share (although that is quite powerful); even greater is the ‘aha moment’ you bring to your reader’s world; you tap into a deeper awareness in your audience, acknowledging the mind of the soul within them, giving them subconscious permission to think freely for themselves, outside of the box.

        And that, my friend, is everything.

  2. Oh good grief I’m an idiot. I’m so sorry. Dangit!! This is a perfect example of why they need private messaging on wordpress… I gave you the wrong hyperlink, but once I realized which article I was actually wanting to share with you, it dawned on me that you had already read it & commented on it (“A Moment In Time”)…

    Yeah. Okay. I suck. Sorry. 😉

    • Yes, that was one of my favorite posts!! I might add my facebook on here, just was never sure if that was cool or not. I make those same silly mistakes, it is good to be imperfect and human. Makes people more interesting.

      • “…it is good to be imperfect and human. Makes people more interesting.”

        You are a brain set on fire by wonder. One of my top three favorite bloggers.

        As for the Facebook, I would encourage it. I deleted my favebook for the sole purpose of a season of clarity & purity of thought (I became very involved in the Occupy Movement and it became increasingly difficult to distinguish my inner philosophical quandries from my perpetual political rantings and ravings) 🙂 ….but uniting your social medias will bring your readers closer in to you as a writer. They create the atmosphere for your regular audience. I think it’s a great tool for casting your thoughts with a wider scope. It’s quite common with many successful bloggers, I’ve found.

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  4. Love your perspective on this. The Matrix stands as one of the great art pieces of our lifetime because it illicits such profound philosophical reflection while simultaneously kicking serious ass.

  5. “There is no jar.” – Love it. (I’m a huge Matrix fan.) Interesting post. 🙂

    • Marie Taylor
    • May 16th, 2013

    Love the post. Here is a link to a you tube with Amit Goswamy, physicist, who talks about quantum activism. You might like it.

  1. August 19th, 2012

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