True, yet unaccepted.

How can we believe that we are morally superior to anybody when we are selectively compassionate?

If you take any side of two opposing forces by making your compassion exclusive to one, you are immoral.

There are no exceptions.

    • thedawnerupts
    • August 25th, 2012

    A hard truth. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…”

    • That is one of my favorites. I am driven by the example of the Christ like conscious. I believe we all have it but feel obligated to suppress it. I want to reach it, but i have been conditioned heavily and i have so many personal fears to overcome in order to be what we can all naturally be. I want nothing more than to be honest, loving, and fearless. Thank you so much for your timely and encouraging response.

        • thedawnerupts
        • August 25th, 2012

        It is our conditioning to see others without truly seeing them… If we blind ourselves to their “being-ness” it’s no wonder how we get caught in selective compassion… I have the same goals in mind, and feel quite peaceful in the similarities of our converging paths. I love it!

      • Exactly! That was very well said. I feel the same peace in crossing paths and it means a lot to see in others what is suppressed in all of us. We can help enable eachother.

  1. Yes, yes, yes! I feel like it is the same in terms of self-compassion. If we are willing to only look at our bright and happy parts and call ourselves aware..that is kind of silly. We have to be just as willing to spend time with the grouchy and fiery parts, in my opinion. I love and slightly envy your ability to be succinct. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! You are so right about this being internal as well. In fact, it has to happen internally first. In the start of this blog I had some extremely dark wolves to face in order to be capable of loving myself. I was no good to anybody with a wolf pinning me down with fear everytime I tried to love. Thank you for your insight and i have been extremely inspired many times while visiting your blog, so i appreciate you deeply.

    • You just spoke my exact feeling, pretty much every time I read his posts. Powerful.

      And Yes! Yes! Yes! …Our grouchy, fiery parts are the impetus for self-compassion. I think by practicing compassion for others, we develop humility. When we discover humility, we learn the power of child-like wonder and how that power begins to heal our own wounds, flaws, and general tendencies of intolerance.

      I love my blogging network. You guys rock.

  2. Love […I mean, “positive energy” 😉 ] has discovered new depths. Reading your posts is a lot like waking up in the morning, climbing out of bed, walking to the kitchen, opening the pantry, reaching for the coffee beans and then BAM! A baby stagosaurus is handing you a fresh warm cup of perfectly sweetened coffee, singing you a good morning song, dancing on the shelf.

    Yeah. It’s that cool. Every time I pull open my reader, I discover some totally unexpected, impossibly simple & beautiful idea from you. Brightens my day, enlightened my night. Your brain is powerful.

    • I love the picture you just painted and i am beyond honored that it represents me in such an abstract way! I smiled, I felt happy, I feel love, I feel appreciation and we all find what is real and shared inside us. Excitement!

      • EXCITEMENT!!! Yep. If I had to find one word to encompass the connections you make through your words with your audience, that would be it.

        You *feel* love, because you *are* love, the frequency attracting itself back to it.

        …If you ask me. 😉

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