Sometimes I jump.


  1. YES!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! …and holy crap… You know, all this talk of energy, and more specifically the law of attraction and how it delivers the cup of coffee right on time 😉 …I was going through some pictures this morning and stumbled upon my all-time favorite-most awesomest-ever picture in the whole wide universe… And identically in thought process, I felt suddenly inclined to put it up as a new post on my blog. I got sidetracked throughout the day and just now sat down to wordpress… And found this perfect reminder.

    What a strange world… Check it out! I’ll call it “A Cliffjumper’s Guide to the Galaxy,” in your honor.

    If it doesn’t freak you out, then I’m invisible. (Which is hypothetically impossible. So I’m sure you’ll understand.)

    • I am not that easily freaked out, though, I am very easily honored!! I can’t wait to see it!

      • Two things.

        1.) I’m incredibly lacking in common sense and, as usual, managed to discover one really impossible way to mess up a simple picture post. Yeah. Forgot to upload the picture. (#facemeetspalm) …I resolved this technical issue. Check it out and pretend it’s the first time, k? K. Good talk. 🙂

        2.) You should link your WordPress Blog to your Gravatar so that readers from my blog (or anyone else’s you comment on) can find your words and ideas and thinky thoughts by clicking on your Gravatar image. Just a suggestion. I recently plugged your site under one of your comments to one of my articles & I don’t think anyone knew where to look. Just a thought. 😉

      • Hahaha good talk, yes! I love the picture by the way.
        I took your advice and updated my gravatar. I sure did neglect that aspect of things. It looks much better now. I appreciate your advice, support and your character that you bring to this realm!

  2. loved this one!

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