Be greater than your fear.

No president is going to be able to fix the problems of this system because it is beyond the role of the president. We are groomed to only seek external solutions when the only real answer is in ourselves. We have to wake up. It is that simple. Reflect love and understanding rather than fear and judgement. It is not a fluffy, idealistic concept for unrealistic minds. It is reality and it takes courage to accept it against our conditioning and social obligations to stay within the herd. Be brave and be the change you wish to see. It might mean a more difficult life by doing this, but at least you lived for something greater than your own fears.

    • sarahjaneprosetry
    • August 27th, 2012

    Difficult is in the eye of the conditioning

    • That is very true. I know many people who have had “the good life” at the expense of their morals. Some find it difficult to let go of the illusion, some find it difficult to take part in it. I think the answer is in the ability to know unconditional love. There is no way to condition it. This will make it difficult to step outside of who you really are and it will translate into true, fearless strength.

        • sarahjaneprosetry
        • August 27th, 2012

        I think it’s also to love your challenge. Perhaps we are saying the same thing, but the moment you love where you are at you are no longer struggling.

      • I think we might be saying the same thing. I love that I have something to contribute to the challenges we face. I think the challenge is a process that will be good in the end. I am excited to be in a situation which will reveal to me who I truly am and how strong and loving I can be.
        I am not saying that apathy or ignorance is a good thing. I do not love the state of the world right now, and I do not love the fact that I was in it, supporting it for so long. I will not find my place in what has been set up to keep us blind, powerless, fearful, self-righteous and desire-driven. If I love the state of the world, I will find myself voting for crooked politicians, eating and drinking poison alongside with my children, condoning indoctrination through education, reacting to propaganda that is designed to exploit me, funding unnecessary wars with my tax dollars, and the list goes on of course. I am awake, and for the first time, I know what my challenge truly is, and I do love being awake.
        I served in Iraq in 2007. It is hard to love where you are at all the time. Sometimes you find yourself in places that you should not stay in. The suffering that I saw in people, soldiers and “our enemy”, was driven by fear. The fear was clearly a result of confusion. My message is that we can clear things up as people. This place that we are in, collectively, is a fragile illusion. Everything is driven by the belief that money is what we need, ultimately. We don’t admit that we believe that, but it shows in our actions. We allow ourselves to be ignorant of certain realities that would conflict with our obsession to our “acting God” which is money. I did not love being there, so I struggled and found a way out. Now my life begins as a human. The struggling is over. I am simply the change I wanted to see.

        • sarahjaneprosetry
        • August 27th, 2012

        I hear your point. My perspective is a little different. Loving unconditionally means without condititions. At all. You can not block yourself from loving the world as it is AND work to build more love. You can be in a situation and say “I don’t turn my back on love or loving this situation but I do see something needs to change to flow my love more”.

        Not that it’s anywhere near being a soldier at war, but I woke up one day in a marriage that was no longer possible to allow me to be me, to be the love that is me. I do not have to judge it. It doesn’t serve any. It is time to let go.

        Just love, no conditions. The state of the world needs your love. Needs it more than anything. It has enough hate and fear

      • Your perspective is perfect. You are clear on what love is. I also woke up in a marriage that did not allow my love to be. Leaving that situation was a painful transition for me, but it showed me that love was not dependent on any of our expectations of what we wanted it to be. We still love each other today and are great friends.
        The reason I was compelled to clarify is that; Sometimes people love a life that is oppressing to others, and that comes from confusing love with desire. It makes speaking about love a bit difficult when it is mistaken for desire.
        There is also a difference between fear and awareness that is widely confused. Reacting to fear is based on individual or non-collective survival. It is not good to get rid of fear with apathy or ignorance of course. Reacting to awareness enables a much nobler response.
        Unconditional love and awareness is extremely good for us, as long as it isn’t mistaken for desire and fear.
        I see that you are of understanding already, but I am clarifying for any readers who may stumble upon this thread.

        • sarahjaneprosetry
        • August 27th, 2012

        Now you have me curious as to your perspective on fear, desire and ego.

      • They are things we feel, but they are not who we are. They can be good or bad for us, depending on whether they control us, or guide us.
        I enjoy overcoming my fear rather than running away from it. But, you gotta choose your battles wisely.
        Desire is a fun one. I try to appreciate more, desire less, and that is as much balance as I can find in that.
        My ego experiences everything that it allows my spirit to put it through. The relationship between my spirit and ego is becoming a trusting one, like an old couple who knows they will never leave each other so they have to listen to the other. It seems like the ego is everything that is ourselves, but it depends on how we view ourselves. To me, the spirit feels consciousness while the ego interprets it for the mind. That is why it does not rationalize in the mind. It is moving backwards to even try. But, if we sit still and let go of the busy work of the mind, we begin to feel our own spirit and, for me, that is solid proof through application.

        • sarahjaneprosetry
        • August 28th, 2012

        Wow. Most in sprititual pursuits don’t have such visions of these things. On of my favorite quotes is “Ego make a wonderful servant, and a terrible master”. I cannot remember where I read that. You are fascinating me.

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