Do you see?

Pop stars are idolized for seeking acceptance through extreme materialism

Everything we consume is blatantly poisoned, but we don’t mind for some reason

Medication is dependent on dependency to sustain the industry

Schools teach a complete fairy tale version of history and demand submission to authority

Church is watered down to have no effect on ones spiritual awakening, yet it is very profitable

The almighty dollar is based on debt and our false economy is dependent on debt growth

Government sells solutions to the problems they nurtured in the form of Trojan horses

Mainstream media creates an obligatory social structure of apathy and condescending ignorance

War is the last thing the people want, and it is the first thing the powers want…

…it is all enabled by our conditioning and exploitation.  We must rise out of this madness.  Do you see?

I have seen.  I have taken part.  I have held the war torn girl, no more than four years old.  I have seen screaming faces without skin.

I have lost.  I have lost too many of my friends and even my brother to prescription medication.  Many more are still breathing but completely numb to the beauty of life.

I have looked.  Research, heavy research is not only worth it, but pertinent.  First you find the conspiracy theory.  Then you find the debunk for it.  When you look further you find that the debunk and the theory are both based on fallacies.  Put all of the fallacies together, connect and deduct, then a picture begins to form where everybody was partially right.  It is a catch 22 with only one solution.  It all comes down to us.  It is a choice we have to make.  We must become resilient to the obligations to sacrifice our identities to fear and desire.  We must find strength in who we truly are.  We must rise to a new level of consciousness.  This cannot be given to us by any hand of power or external institution.  The true power is in our own spirit, unconditioned.  Be the change and reflect it to everybody, with no prejudice.  Let them know it is safe to do so because we are all so afraid in these times.  Much love to you all and good luck!

  1. “….We must rise to a new level of consciousness….”

    Looks like you already have 🙂

    Doesn’t it feel great! LOL

    No, I mean seriously, can you imagine going back and living each day with the level of awareness of your average ‘TV watcher’?

    The way I see it there is a tug-of-war going on right now, but the villains who are at one end have a giant machine winch powered by this enormous engine.

    Some of us have already given up pulling altogether and are happy to be dragged inch-by-inch closer to it each day…

    ….. but some of us are still resisting with all our might!!! ….Come on people, we can do it!!! This is our last chance…..PULL HARDER!… RESIST!

    But it’s just never enough.

    Another small group of us at the back are desperately trying to send a message down the line…..

    …. “Hey, this is madness – let’s all just let go of the rope and walk away…”

    • Exactly. We enable it by hanging on to it. Just let go. Thanks for posting that amazing video! I have seen many, but not that one. Thanks even more for shining your light of truth!

    • sarahjaneprosetry
    • September 2nd, 2012

    Beautiful awakening. Now, the next step is to have awe and love for everything you’ve just stated. Thank you, television watching masses and reality show stars for living your beautiful lives and showing contrast. For teaching me every day the life I choose to live in awareness.

    Thank you war stricken world for teaching me acceptance.

    Thank you pain and suffering for showing me how simple and hearty a friend’s hug truly is.

    When we accept all, there is no more struggle.

    • I am overflowing with that step. I have so much to be thankful for. My life is amazing and I am blessed with really great friends and family. I am truly lucky. I remind everybody around me about how wonderful we have it and how much power we have in just loving each other. I give thanks for the blessings in my life and the dark path of truth for my own awareness, but there are some things I give greater thanks for; ability, purpose and guidance. You see, I never needed to see the pain and suffering to understand the value of love or a simple hug. I was born with that and it is clear that we all are, lest we are never given that. Our neighbors house is on fire and we can only be thankful and accepting of that for so long until that fire spreads to our house as well. We should help our neighbors put out their fire even if it doesn’t spread to our house. We are the variable to our collective existence. There is action that we can take, but it is not a forceful or violent action that will change anything. It is not a struggle. It is simply realization. I am driven by what I have seen because I realized what it meant for somebody like me to see what I have seen. I am not Travis, just as you are not Sarah. Travis is a projection of who I am. Travis can’t even know what I know. I guide Travis through this place deliberately, not to benefit Travis, but to find a greater purpose in his existence. I do not expect this world to be a gift to me, rather I wish to be a gift to this world. I accept the gifts of this world and it strengthens me and brings me peace on my journey, but my ability has purpose to benefit others.

        • sarahjaneprosetry
        • September 3rd, 2012

        That is very cool

  2. Oh Travis. Good Lord.

    Every post from you is like a sucker punch from the heart of the Universe to the core of my soul. Truth, concentrated. Potent, heavy stuff. Love, love, and more love.

    Your honesty has a certain majesty about it. Humble of its own power, breathtaking to witness. What a certain purity of spirit you have!

    As usual, thank you so very much for sharing. One thing that hit a nerve for me: “Government sells solutions to the problems they nurtured in the form of Trojan horses.”

    …Dude. The war on drugs, for example.

    Does anyone realize the reason marijuana is actually illegal? (And I’m not a supporter of smoking weed, nor am I a conspiracy theorist. I’m a practical, well-researched, truth-seeking citizen who has uncovered a vast well of information backing every single thing you’ve said.)

    Alcohol causes approximately 2.5 MILLION DEATHS annually, and…
    • Almost 50% of men and two-thirds of women do not even consume alcohol <— !!!!! (stats from

    The number of deaths directly linked to the explicit use of marijuana (NOT used in conjunction with alcohol or other illicit substances) is ZERO.

    Our war on drugs is not because the government is fighting to protect you, folks. It's for one simple reason alone: MONEY.

    Think about it. Alcohol kills an American citizen every forty-eight seconds. Why then, is it legal? Because Uncle Sam can TAX IT.

    Why then, is marijuana illegal? Because — just like its name suggests — it grows like a WEED. Without laws against its production, the government does not have the means to regulate its production. Without regulating its production, they lose potential billions of dollars from the taxation of it.

    And frankly, why rob Peter to pay Paul? The government CREATES REVENUE from the criminalization of marijuana through fines and penalties; a significantly larger sum of money than potential taxation of legalized sales..

    Food for thought. Great post.

    • SprinklinThoughts
    • September 4th, 2012

    Passion, honesty, spirit, truth… Great post.

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