If you want to truly understand who you are, go to a safe place and shed your ego.

When the ego acknowledges that it is in a marriage with the spirit, who is limitless in divine strength and direction, it becomes whole.  They work together like a human and a car.  The spirit is the driver of the ego and lacks the ability to tangibly manifest itself when the ego is not in support or blind to the spirits existence.  The ego lacks purpose when it denies the spirit, causing it to fill self-inflicted voids with desires which stem from fear and emptiness.  An ego without spirit has no choice, but only responds to triggers with fear based responses.  Both the path of acknowledgement and the path of denial have perpetual/exponential results.  Which path are you on?

    • sarahjaneprosetry
    • September 4th, 2012

    I hear so much about ego with no spirit. But what of the converse. What of practices that want us to kill of ego? What of spirit with no ego to drive it? What of our human side?

    • You are exactly right! The ego is not something we should try to be rid of. In any relationship, both partners need to be nourished by the other. A racecar driver is null without his racecar, and a racecar is null without its driver. They can exist separately but the beauty happens when they are together.

  1. “If you want to truly understand who you are, go to a safe place and shed your ego.”

    DUDE. …HO. LY. CRAP.

    Your insight is an unstoppable force. The experience of witnessing it us unnerving.

    In a totally perfect way. WOW.

  2. You are describing all of my experiences this year. I had the urge to leave my job and move to the mountains in Spain a year ago. I thought I was doing it to make a better life…little did I know what was in store! I had a three month period where all the illusions of the ego came crashing down and it was hard! It was staring into the ugly abyss of everything that had gone before without being allowed to run away. Emptying out over and over again. I agree the ego is needed in balance with the spirit. It’s duality, ying and yan, passive/agressive. Everything has a counter and its amazing to see!

    • The mountains of Spain… it just sounds beautiful. Was the hard part leaving everything else behind? Was it like isolation? When you say “emptying out over and over again” I think of the ego throwing up. That is a really good thing! I have changed my mind about the relationship being like marriage. I now look at my spirit as the parent and my ego as the child. My spirit has the authority to grant my ego what it longs for. It is just an agreement that my spirit is the only one with a cosmic drivers license to guide the two of us through this life.

      • The way you now see it is the way it objectively exists Travis. The spirit governs the whole; the ego drives the parts. High five.

      • Also, the spirit IS cosmic, hence its license to navigate; the ego is worldly, a more ‘base’ level aspect of our being as it journeys through life on earth, permitted or denied by the direction of our soul.

      • In the end no, I was ready for it! It is beautiful I live between the Sierra Nevada and the Sierra Lujar so mountains all around. I chose the isolation in the end, have had a quiet time which I really enjoyed, things are getting back to normal now though! People are afraid to be on their own but sometimes its needed!

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