Motives Cast Shadows

When we seek to be more self-aware we learn that our motives cast shadows in our understanding.

  1. i would ‘triple-like’ this if i could. perfect.

    • sarahjaneprosetry
    • October 4th, 2012

    Please expound

  2. When we have a motive, we naturally search for understanding that appeals to our motive and we deny the understanding that conflicts with our motive. We limit our questions to the ones with suitable answers. We can not exist without motives, but we can be aware of our motives. That changes their application entirely. When before, the motive restricted our awareness, it now aids in self-awareness, shedding light on the question; why did I do/think/feel that? Every time we upgrade our self-awareness, it is like upgrading our operating system and the applications which find and process the data we become aware of.

  3. Again, the ego making its presence known… And the more aware we become of our ego, the less power it possesses as an operating force, governing our motivations. Beautiful post. There is power, it seems, in its simplicity. Perfect.

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