Insight, Outsight and the Art of Perspective Traveling

Step outside of society and the constructed reality that confines us.  We can not see what we are inside of until we step outside of it.

A micro organism can not see if it’s environment is just a part of another larger organism by looking outward from within.  By perspective, it is nearly impossible to do so.  As humans, we have the same problem while we look out to space for answers.  The good news is; that is outsight and the limitations that apply to outsight do not have to apply to insight.  We can travel through empathy in order to gain new perspective and new insights.  Not only can we see through other known perspectives, but we can even see through unknown perspectives to some degree.  For example: We can imagine how we would perceive our world as if we were not from here.  All of the things which are normalized to us become fresh to our perception and we see, not as a citizen or member of society, but as a conscious being.

We have been inside, gainfully employed, educated and groomed since birth to be a part of this way of life.  Everything we perceive is through the lenses of our inherited perspective.  Everything perceivable reinforces and affirms this reality.  As long as our perspective is inside this bubble, it will be all that we know and we will be completely dependent on the managers to provide us with virtually everything we consume and believe in order to maintain this bubble of reality.  Our logic will be based on protecting this bubble and we will not empathize with any perspective that would potentially threaten it.

Understanding this difference in perspective allows us to gain awareness of our options and a truer sense of freedom.  In realizing that it has been a choice all along to maintain and support a constructed reality, we find many moral implications to the choices we have unknowingly made inside the bubble.  We may now truly see the logic in self empowerment and the confinement and moral repercussions of dependency.  

In conclusion; our outsight is limited by our physical senses and capabilities while our insight is limited only by our own personal will power and empathy.  Using empathy we can step outside of any situation we may find ourselves in so that we can see ourselves from an objective perspective which is not wagering on anything, but only receiving clear unconditioned awareness.

  1. Such art never fails to amaze me – Perspective

    great thoughts!

  2. Loved it, sorry been away for a while 😉

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    • telempathy
    • December 24th, 2012

    A Pick-me Up 122412

    As I thought I was just traveling around a beltway 65mph, delightening awareness pleased me into a cosmic smile so bright and wide that as a tree planted long in a forest, I can see that nothing is ever as it seems. Cellular ONENESS reverie comes in all sizes ‘n times as if a fresh breeze, and thank you God for planting me right here in the middle of such a fast moving car. Am I this tree from all the Love inside our World that can travel in a car as if the man were a girl?

    Is this tree a car, or is this car a dream of trees; and if we were all this free what Love from a man like little me can travel this far? Oh so Happy are we that imagine so free that trees are riding inside of me like this car; and what if we all were as Loving as this speed, could we ever learn to cooperate better than tree enlightening harmony? Love of light freeing energy like a forest living trees is never so limitless without cars such as these.

    Driving around while standing so tall, we can upright this scenario more as the perimeter on butterfly wings. Flowing Love of light so fare free collects in the middle flowing out at the bottom to only everywhere. Joy brings us all back as if sitting back in the car to meet all the particles coalescing effulgence from cells without atoms from just about foreverywhere. Time loses itself in timeless reverie like ONENESS so just for a moment forests and streets fly together in cars growing trees from freeing magical energy.

    Freeing words in lyrical muse makes all this, and more possible, when words forget themselves and the prisoners who use them. One drop from the Love of all Oceans foreverywhere drink in this car like all the leaves breath in our air. There are no soldiers here or police that uniformly address form, so only their memory serves freedom from their past like a drumming beat for our future. Bullies come and bounce off like blue, balls fattened and splatting into pieces without any more glue.

    There is no more time and no more need for either engendered; no more differences and no other things like objects objecting that ever really matter. Traveling around four lanes on the first day of our new Golden Age brings Sovereignty like this portal, with new Abundance driving this car into infinite tree free flowing energy within flux Freedom. Flying through the end of time portal while speedily driving through it in a car filled with forests, makes everything that usually keeps us all deaf and blind, seem more like a cripple without legs for our armies.

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