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A Road Named Time

Are potentials actual reality that has not been chosen? What lies behind door number three already exists, but you may not hold it or see it until you open door number three. Given the concept of time and choice, we are able to travel through and experience the infinite on a linear path.

Logic Conforms to Perspective

When we realize that logic conforms to perspective, we are no longer dictated by logic, but are granted choice through a broadening of perspective.

External Control

As long as you are trying to control the external, the external will always control you.

Information vs. Perspective

Information obligates
Perspective liberates
Information is for enslavement
Perspective is for choice
Information is true or false
Perspective is moral or immoral
Information is fed or received
Perspective is achieved
Information goes on a hard drive
Perspective is the operating system

We must not be driven by information received through an inherited perspective. We must be our own perspective, fully empowered to be, by choice, a perspective of moral strength no matter what any informants tell us we should be and no matter what the masses choose to be.

The Journey

“It is the journey, not the destination.” This saying makes a lot of sense, though it does down play the relevance of the destination. We feel movement more than we feel where we are. We feel the transition more than the result. This is why conditioning is effective, good or bad. A slow enough transition will go unnoticed no matter what the result is. People are waking up at a growing rate because the transition is speeding up. We feel the wind heavier as this ride picks up speed. A question becomes more and more relevant; where are we headed so fast and for what result?

Does God Exist?

Heaven, peace, God and all other things exist, just not by our definitions or expectations. When we expect nothing of these things and are open beyond our definitions, we allow these things to reveal themselves. It is our expectations that drive us to enforce the result we are expecting, leading us down an adventure/experiment full of lessons. It is all a ride to enjoy and we may choose any path.

State of Being

We find heaven or peace within and it is manifested outward from our internal state of being. Otherwise, we rely on external factors to dictate the quality of our state of being, which, mathematically equates to a perpetuation of the current state.

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