Logic is a variable

Logic can be used to come to any conclusion desired.  Logic is technicality and it is necessary, but it is not the foundation of clarity and sense.

  1. Interesting observation on the use of logic. What then is the foundation of clarity and sense? And how would we articulate it if not through logic?

    • Thank you for your response and question. I believe we should never completely do away with logic. It definitely has its application. However, to understand that logic, from varying perspectives, can all be logical by themselves yet, still contradict each other, shows us that logic conforms to perspective. I believe that the expansion of perspective is the way to clarity and sense and logic will be a conforming allie the entire way. As for a foundation… I am not sure and I wonder if one even exists as we expect. Clarity is a removal of obstructions to our senses. What makes sense is relative to what is valued. Based on that, I might say that inner peace could be the foundation of clarity and morality could be the foundation of sense… I am not firm on that conclusion as of yet though.

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