You are not your mind or your body

So many great people have walked this earth and left profound and highly relevant messages.  So many small minded people look at these messages as delusional.  They believe life and reality is found in modern culture and government… though they won’t verbally admit it, their choices speak volumes.  You are not a citizen, you are a human.  You do not require regulation, you ask for it.  You are in control of your body and mind, which means you are neither… can you feel it?  Or do you fear it?  

    • dutifullybroken
    • December 18th, 2012

    Profound and reassuring. Excellent message!

    • Thank you and I am glad you have perceived it as such! It is not the message, but the result, which is you!

  1. You have said this as clearly and concisely as anyone I have read. Why is it so few understand this? Thanks for the reminder. I think we lapse into amnesia with our busyness.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback once again. And, yes, we are kept busy for a reason. It is a sad result from an ego driven motive. I hope you are doing and feeling wonderful today!

  2. Thank you for this short yet important message!

  3. I am truly “enjoying” your words. Keep the enlightening thoughts coming!

    • I am glad you are enjoying your ride! Thank you so much for the feedback and I am planning on keeping it up!

  4. Thank you for the like, keep up the good work! We are all on this journey together and by reminding people to get out of their and into their hearts !

  5. I agree with you. We have the tendency to view ourselves by what we do, i.e. “I am a caretaker, plumber ect….” “I am a Christian”. Those are acculmulations of our experiences and not at all who we are.

    • Of all the things I do or have, I am none of. We have a habit of dressing ourselves up to identify ourselves rather than stripping to see what is underneath. It is backwards! Thank you for your lovely feedback!

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