Does God Exist?

Heaven, peace, God and all other things exist, just not by our definitions or expectations. When we expect nothing of these things and are open beyond our definitions, we allow these things to reveal themselves. It is our expectations that drive us to enforce the result we are expecting, leading us down an adventure/experiment full of lessons. It is all a ride to enjoy and we may choose any path.

  1. This is a point to reflect upon. What we perceive, or expect sets us up to close our minds and seek what we expect as opposed to what is really there. Fantastic post!

    • Thanks Ayaz! I have been finding this concept applicable in so many micro facets of life as well as the macro… and i have to admit, the many micro ones are just as relevant! Thank you for reading!

    • telempathy
    • December 25th, 2012

    Heart Hearing Friends 122512

    Inside during long meditations of deeper Peace than ever experienced, new friends communicate through our one heart hearing in stillness, not our minds. Telepathic communication from heart to heart transforms from mental, to empathic energy of Love that we can call telempathic. Telempathy has very little to do with the mind and everything to do with letting go of the mind, so from stillness reverie Communion, our bodies transform into vehicles of Peace.

    Reversing normalcy biases from emotional blackmail to kind and gentle heart welcoming energy, transforms via renouncing centralization set standards away from social norms of Duality into the Inner realm of Peace and Love. Since we all carry emotional burdens in personal Vasanas, then our collective Duality is just one huge collective Vasana. Each of us actually plays out parts of the collective Vasana to help heal our collective treachery away from any ONENESS reverie, so we are all sparks of Love on a mission from God to learn to live Loved again.

    Thank you God. Thank you God. Thank you God. See God in each other. See God in each other. See God in each other. Thank you each and everyone for doing God’s will to come here and experience all our parts that really need help to heal. Please Peace and Love us within invisible Spirit of Love and forgiveness, and thank you in the Spirit of Love and Peace for all heart hearing friends that help us all close our eyes and wake up inside. Timeless reverie inside ONENESS with heart hearing friends transforms light times light into exponents of Love energy.

    When we listen when we really want to hear, and we sit still and breathe slow a certain time of each day all year, time takes a break from lifetimes of monotony and transforms enemies into friends just by showing up inside. Drama can pray to get knocked out or for a coma to stop all the projecting more drama for constant future, but nothing like a real friend of sitting still ever can replace just resting when we really want to.

    William Blake wrote in his “The Poison Tree” that

    “I was angry with my friend
    I told my friend my wrath did end

    I was angry with my foe
    I told it not, my wrath did grow”

    Since it’s our choice who is our friend or who is our foe, and since this choice can keep us victims of our own choice to blame others, then when we pitifully still cling strongly to our enemy, Duality, our denied wrath did grow all right, or we wouldn’t even have come back here just to keep hating again. Whatever we cling to here, whether positive or seeming negative, can more easily be said like this: “We come here to experience what we hate, hated, and will keep hating until we forgive, renounce all Duality, and transform all enemies into heart hearing friends by surrendering, just inside.”

    Cognitive constipation looks like faces with pinched nerves while smiling with deceitful wiles to claim fake love when hiding self hatred projected and transferred onto unsuspecting enemies. Since our collective is just one huge Earthly frowning Vasana feces, already transferred and counter transferred onto each and every one of us individually, then we all deserve a much needed thank you three times, and another three times seeing all the Love of God in each other.

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