A Road Named Time

Are potentials actual reality that has not been chosen? What lies behind door number three already exists, but you may not hold it or see it until you open door number three. Given the concept of time and choice, we are able to travel through and experience the infinite on a linear path.

  1. Great idea … but should we try all doors before proceeding? Probably not. How linear is time? Does time really exist, or do we synchronise our personal clocks by atomary or galactic beacons, just to make sense of it?

    • Thank you for your thought provoking comment! Time is a result of perception, therefore it is relative to the perceiving. If we chose to come to this existence that would mean that we chose to experience time as well and that it was an option. And yes, I agree we should not open doors that we would not internally choose to open. It is only when we believe our choice is so limited that we do open those doors that we would rather not. Choice becomes limited through deprivation of awareness. That is where control is born.

    • telempathy
    • December 31st, 2012

    Good ‘ones’ Travis…
    I see ‘life plan’ and prioritizing Spirit over any creation behind door number three. I can buy into the sacredness of my own personally chosen life plan that even Heaven defers to allow for me with Divine Sovereignty not to interfere. Then I compliment this life plan from my own Akashic records that I myself, chose before dropping down into liner time, with switching allegiance from any creation to our Creator.

    Now with both together under consideration as equally empowered provinces, maybe the potential isn’t even in poignant form waiting in any particular way; it’s just our linear time’s limited perception that beguiles us this way, just like everything else that resides in Maya. Then we have to consider that if NONE OF THIS IS REAL, then neither are we, the door knockers, that come simultaneously in pairs, along with what appears instantly as we and our mirrors.

    I am thinking tonight about how we are Love at our essence and even this communication may have dribbles of Love communicated, but we shall see what we shall see, because communication only becomes Communion when both are energized with delight when Love does the communication, right? You are a delight to me, are you delighted? I am grateful and enjoying our communication, Love. I can say “Oh I see…” to respond in affirmation and delight, so “Oh I see, Travis; and I hear you, as I bow gratefully…

    • You always have the greatest comments! If it is experienced, it is real, because that is all that is real. I return the bow gratefully. And Happy New Orbit!!

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