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The Human Inside

All of our minds are conditioned to operate and communicate in the collective agreed reality, which is a well developed top down system. This system is developed to limit perception for all entities below the top level, which controls all other entities. For most, this translates to a life of suffering and confusion. There is no need to feel offended by this fact. All that is left to do is to decide where to go from here. Thankfully, many are choosing to go inward, toward the eye of the storm. They are finding peace within, where the reasons for strife disappear. In these experiences, we may strip away the accessories of our mind to find the human inside.

We have all the knowledge we need

It is not a lack of knowledge that hinders our way of life, but a lack of perspective.

No Definitions

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Trying to define reality is like trying to define what time it is.

You are not your mind or your body

So many great people have walked this earth and left profound and highly relevant messages.  So many small minded people look at these messages as delusional.  They believe life and reality is found in modern culture and government… though they won’t verbally admit it, their choices speak volumes.  You are not a citizen, you are a human.  You do not require regulation, you ask for it.  You are in control of your body and mind, which means you are neither… can you feel it?  Or do you fear it?  

Everything is Communication

Everything we perceive, sense and feel is a form of communication.  Life speaks to us no matter where we are looking…. but to interpret this sophisticated language is up to the individual who is perceiving it.  Good luck!

Up – Down vs. In – Out

Forget “up” and “down”.  It does not exist.  In order for it to exist, we must make up a belief that there is linear reality in the 3rd Dimension.  We also have to assume a fixed perspective and stay within that perspective.  This understanding matters to us because; by accepting “up” and “down” as something real, we may limit our sense of reality for the sake of understanding incomplete concepts.  The reality is; there is only inward and outward.

Simplicity and Complexity as One

Simplicity allows for complexity to exist. Complexity limits itself. Is this a check and balance system or is it just one divided in two?

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