It is loss you seek, not gain.

It is not words that will be the catalyst for your transformation. It is not logical or strategical thinking that will bring you to clarity. You need nothing beyond what you already have. It is just that what you already have is blocked by what you have defined. Reboot your mind…

  1. perfect do it

    • telempathy
    • January 3rd, 2013
    • JJ
    • January 4th, 2013

    I don’t know, I like a little logic. Don’t I already have logic? Like emotions, an intellect naturally forms with growth. I agree you can get too bound up in definition, but logic can be a happy consequence of humanity.

    I think balance is good. If you have an affinity for logic, use it. Would you actually see and feel clarity without logic? I don’t think so. I tend to think of the brain as an organic organizer–it needs a bit of logic for balance and total health of the mind and body. Denying that is also a type of blockage.

    Or maybe I just did accounting for too many years? (See “Vocational Guidance Counsellor” by Monty Python for clarification.)

    • Yes, logic is good and useful. We should never stop using it, but to understand that it is relative to what is valued helps us to not be bound by anything, just because it is logical. Anything can be logical as long as there is a perspective who wills it. Logic is a tool and it can be used however we wish. We cannot go through life without any logic, but we can go through life with the understanding that our logic is relative. Thanks for your comment!

    • meister60
    • January 11th, 2013

    I agree logical and strategic thinking is pertaining to reason, the infinite does not work reasonably, it works by Law and works the same for all. Reason are man’s way of telling God, the infinite or whatever you choose to call the creator, that they know better. Or better yet, telling the infinite that we know and understand what is best for man and his evolution.

    • Love is a great concept to understand how things work without reason. We cannot love another for a reason. As soon as there is a reason, it is not love. It becomes and agreement based on the terms of that reason. There are many amazing things that we want to understand and break down, but they do not work that way. They are here for us to experience, feel and know. As for a best way for our evolution the way a creator might see it; I think we are here to experience choice and free will. Whatever we choose, we will experience and that is the point. There are paths that we will enjoy more or less, but we came here to choose and that is exactly what we all do everyday. Thanks so much for the comment!

        • meister60
        • January 22nd, 2013

        Yes, Love IS a great example for illustrational purposes… I have been Listening to Eckhert Tolle’s book on cd, “The New Earth” I think its called, he gives great insight on “being”. Very soothing voice that seems to bring me to a peaceful state without even really paying close attention. Which is an illustration in and of itself. if i was “trying” to be peaceful I negate “being” peaceful, i just was……. When i became consiously aware how peaceful i had become, within my own mind, in such a short timeframe, my awareness aplified my sense of joy in that moment… i was not “trying”….Love and peace are pretty much one and the same on the scale of vibration, you dont need reasons for either of them, but what brings you into them is beneficial to be aware of….making a list of these things, that bring us into a peaceful or loving state, can do us a lot of good when it comes to out own wellbeing….
        i will share three of my own that does this for me: 1) writing 2)walking in the woods 3) meditation

  2. Almost poetic.

  3. Because I find your blog so amazing I nominated you for an award. I would love to see you accept it 🙂

  4. I love every single letter of this. I agree completely. I feel like my meditation practice feeds that ability for momentary reboot and makes it much easier to accomplish in the moment. The more that you are present, the more that you can choose to be, and to let go of the layers that are in the way of that momentary awareness. Love this, Travis!

    • I am glad you are experiencing this too! Awareness and clarity is what I find, though many are speaking of bliss and that makes me wonder what it is they are seeking. Hmmmm… I might put this in my next post. Thanks Jennifer!

    • meister60
    • January 22nd, 2013

    Reblogged this on meister60.

    • meister60
    • February 8th, 2013

    My pleasure, stay in touch…..

    • prog4
    • July 18th, 2013

    True – it is all there. Some of it is veilled

    • Yes, and only veiled by choice, often without awareness of making that choice. Thanks so much for your feedback again!

        • prog4
        • July 18th, 2013

        Yeah for sure. IN fact I would say that if one chose to veil consciously then that would be quite bizarre. But I suppose it’s possible

      • It is hard to speculate the degree of conscious awareness to each individuals choices, especially when it is also a choice to not be conscious about certain things. Just like a scientist who wants to prove something rather than discover something and will only seek and accept the information that will help prove that something.

        • prog4
        • July 18th, 2013

        Well it is easy to speculate actually but certainly hard to know whether or not your speculation hits the mark. But I don’t tend to see a choice to not be conscious as a conscious choice. How could it be?

      • I believe that people are more conscious of their choices than they admit to themselves and that it is very common for people to deliberately avoid becoming aware of things that they do not wish to be aware of.

        • prog4
        • July 19th, 2013

        I do understand what you are saying – I think.
        It’s almost like there needs to be a third category of choice – somewhere in between – like maybe a “semi-conscious” choice or something..
        I guess the way I see it is that yes – perhaps some people do sort of consciously avoid stuff – but in doing so it’s almost like they do somehow “sense” that they are not seeing the whole truth of the matter but are consciously avoiding any further level of understanding as to do so would challenge their beliefs about themselves which would be just too scary. Sort of like the elephant in the room being seen but not being acknowledged – if that makes sense.

      • I agree about the semi conscious concept because it makes sense that the levels of consciousness are more like a spectrum rather than just 2 separate things.
        Maybe it comes down to what is valued more… self awareness or self image?

        • prog4
        • July 19th, 2013

        Not a difficult question that one…..

    • Marie
    • July 21st, 2013

    You have to walk a little in the fog to see the light, and gain that clarity (I think).

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