Sweet Lies and Painful Truths

Awareness and clarity may be obtained through meditation.  Many speak only of bliss which makes me wonder what it is they are seeking.  Beware the influence of the blissful in an overly domesticated world, where sweet lies are sold at high prices and the value of painful truths go unrecognized.

    • xephh
    • July 18th, 2013

    Wow! What an amazing blog you have!

    • Thank you so much, and I really love yours as well!

        • xephh
        • July 18th, 2013

        Thank you! 🙂 I am now your regular reader. 😀

    • prog4
    • July 18th, 2013

    Seems to me if one is just seeking bliss then this is more like seeking an answer to pain. Bliss will naturally come as a result of other processes

    • The word “Bliss” still implies ignorance which rubs me the wrong way. Can we trade bliss with content or clarity? I always liked Buddhas smile because no matter what horrible things are going on, Buddha still smiles while aware of the horrible things because he understands there is a process of enlightenment that is not all rainbows and unicorns and this is a beautiful gift when capable to be received.

        • prog4
        • July 18th, 2013

        I guess we use the words that resonate with us best. I have no problems with the word bliss personally. But surely there could be other words that suffice.
        I’m interested to knowhow or why you link bliss with ignorance

      • “Ignorance is bliss.” It is hard for me to imagine bliss working together with awareness.

        • prog4
        • July 19th, 2013

        Well that’s just a saying. Even though I would agree that sayings usually have an element of truth in them in this case the bliss that is referred to is not the kind that I think one might refer to when speaking of that state of happiness which can be reached through means such as meditation.
        In fact having said that I realise that I don’t really agree with the use of that word in the saying. It should probably be more like “Ignorance is happiness” because the happiness that is being inferred is the kind that some might achieve by avoidance of truth or reality. So it’s like a conditional happiness or ignorant happiness – one that is dependent upon not knowing the whole truth – so in fact not really bliss at all.
        In fact, talking it through like that – I now feel even the word happiness doesn’t really fit. Maybe we need a new word invented here – because that happiness is not what I would call true happiness. It is conditional happiness or something.
        Sorry for such a long comment – I’m trying to work this out as I go through the thought process and this comment is sort of documenting that.
        I have a slight concern that I might be coming across as argumentative but I hope not:- definitely not my intention; I am just fascinated with this and by no means would ever purport to be an authority on anything or to know “the” truth of the matter. I truly appreciate the grace with which you are interacting in these exchanges.

      • Maybe I am rejecting the word because I feel in myself a bit of shame for feeling bliss while on a journey to be aware of the suffering in the world. There are many things to be aware of beside bliss that would really make life better for those who are oppressed. I am that guy holding the pictures of kids in the middle east being mutated by depleted uranium that we use in our drone strikes. I tell all the happy people to look at it but they do not want to feel what that brings. So, bombs away! But, at the same time I am seeking balance in this so that I may enjoy my experience here as well. I am an Iraq Vet (I went as a water treatment specialist so I would not have to hurt anybody and I was anti-war when I went, but that is another story) and there are still some experiences that haunt me. It is funny that most of the soldiers in my unit admitted that they had no idea what the war was about, but it paid the bills… so being that I was purifying water for the Iraqis I was able to talk with them a lot about what they thought about it and their response was that they did not know what it was about either but they know that money was paid if an individual had proof of killing or wounding Americans. That led me to research the funding of both sides and that is what led me to other rabbit holes and then finally, “spirituality”. I got very off topic here but that is probably the source of my struggle with the word. Clarity seems more appropriate for me to seek in a world of experience rather than bliss. After analyzing it so much now, I do see your side as well. There is nothing wrong with bliss inherently. It is just something I struggle to seek. Luckily I have a wonderful Fiancee who imposes bliss on me lol!

        • prog4
        • July 19th, 2013

        Wow! What a story! (And not off topic at all I think) Thanks so much for sharing that.
        I guess a difference is that I have never felt shame in feeling blissful. Perhaps because one thing I do understand quite clearly is that it is my right, or destiny even; or just the state where I was meant to be. I feel compassion for the unfortunate but to deny myself happiness out of some sort of guilt would make no sense and it would definitely not help them at all – in fact if anything it would be the opposite as if I were miserable I would be less likely to feel able or willing TO help others who might need it.

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