Are we rotten to the core?

Most people are good at heart.  There is no question about that.  The question is; to what degree do we hold moral strength in order to live up to what we are at heart?  How much of ourselves do we sacrifice to experience the temptations of a non-empathetic way of life?

When the only thing we truly have to lose is ourselves, then all we can be vulnerable to is our own choices.  Everything else that we fear losing was not, and never will be ours. 

  1. A temporary coup has been won by the forces of greed and ignorance. They have used our inherent feeling of spiritual incompleteness to create a perpetual hollowness that desire can fill but never satisfy. However, that heyday is not for long. Enough people, like yourself and your readers, are realizing the scam, its scope, and are coming back to their core of integrity, ethics, and our inherent sense of care for all of life. Wonderful post!

    • prog4
    • July 18th, 2013

    Once true nature is realised those temptations become null

    • I have a feeling that you know that by experience and not just regurgitation. It is very true and nicely said my friend!

        • prog4
        • July 18th, 2013

        Partly yes and partly that this is simply what makes sense to me – or perhaps it is just that I “sense” this to be true; however I am still working these things out myself so although I might sound like I am stating fact it is really just my opinion, or “belief” if you like

      • I still think you know by experience lol. I bet you sensed it before you experienced it, and that is how you came to know it (at least as much as we can know anything here). From my experience it was very early on in discovering a bit of my true nature that I started noticing temptations (no matter how trivial they seem) fall away. I still have plenty of temptations because I am nowhere near finished discovering my own true nature of course, but many things become apparent on the way. I see that you make a very conscious effort of being humble. I respect that! But, how can you partly know by experience yet partly sense it as a belief? Is it because you know it to be true of yourself, but not others or are you undecided since you still have temptations? And I want to clarify our use of the word temptation as an action that is desirable but sensed to be not in our best interest or others. I do have a theory however that our ability to sense is potentially so great that we would never need to know anything by any other experience than the experience of the sense itself. I just think that might contradict the point of coming to this world of experience lol!

        • prog4
        • July 19th, 2013

        You are probably right. I think basically I am still feeling my way – still having some difficulty in “trusting” my senses so to speak. Perhaps quite simply I have not yet possessed this ability to “see” or “sense” in this way long enough to be completely confident about not only what I see but my interpretations of it. It’s a massive learning curve for me at the moment.

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