Power of the Internal

The power of what’s internal to effect what’s external is greater than the power of what’s external to effect what’s internal.

    • malootka
    • July 18th, 2013

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    • prog4
    • July 18th, 2013

    Infinitely so

    • Yea, it kind of destroys any excuse to blame the external on who we become from it. Though, it is Fuzzy Logic and the external does have a powerful influence on the internal, it just does not carry a fraction of the potential energy the internal has. So, this is a relative truth that could be realized or never realized. It is difficult because I know that my first inclination is to react and be effected by the external, then I stop and remember a bit of who I am… though we will likely never get this down to a tee, it is always good to strive toward it just like a tree growing toward the sun which it will never reach and is not even meant to. It is just the direction of growth toward what nourishes us.

        • prog4
        • July 18th, 2013

        I suppose once self acceptance is reached blame falls away. One then “owns” all that one is. But I agree it is not easy to be non-reactive to the external world – takes much practise.

      • Would it be self acceptance or self empowerment? When we depend on the external over the internal it makes logical sense to blame who we are on what we depend on and react to. When we depend less on external things and empower ourselves to be more self reliant there is less logic in looking outward to explain what we become. Self acceptance can be dependent on situational factors. For example; I accept that I am a jerk to people because they are all jerks anyway. On a side note, I usually go back and change all my thoughts into a form of a question or some sort, but when short on time they just come out as statements to consider and we can agree that neither of us are preaching “truth”, but sharing thoughts.

        • prog4
        • July 19th, 2013

        Not sure. Perhaps it’s both or perhaps one comes with the other or as a result of the other.

  1. I like the optimistic approach to this quote. It is mainly the operations behind the scenes (inner devices and strategies, sometimes hidden) that are in control.

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