Medication for the Collective Psyche


Sometimes i think we already know what is going to happen, we just don’t admit it.

When considering the many states, regions, and internal conflicts of an individual mind, and considering what is self inflicted, we can see that the same applies on a collective scale and that we are collectively self inflicting this process by what we allow, nourish, believe, follow, support, etc., just the same way it happens internally with an individual.  The mind has many facets, all with purpose but it is the collective appropriation of all facets, whether perceived as good or bad that will create a healthy collective psyche.  We can enforce all the laws we want, but it is like psychiatric medication, it will do more harm than good on a potentially healthy mind.  The real law is what we mirror and reflect to each other, just like mirror neurons, which shows us where the true power lies. 

The problem we face right now is that we are dependent on enforced laws/psychiatric medication to regulate our collective psyche to operate how we see fit.  We do not believe in ourselves.  We do not believe that we could become capable of becoming non-dependent.  This is addiction and it is extremely hard to overcome.

  1. So, so true. Love the blog! Thanks for the follow! (:

    • Five Quick Minutes
    • July 22nd, 2013

    While I get what you are driving at, there are some disorders of the mind which must be controlled with medication. But more dependence on self-will and discipline can also be used more often that medications.

    Good post!


    • Thanks Christian! You are right on and that is the part which is a huge gamble.
      If we are similar to a mind that is capable of working it out, then the enforcement will erode away that possibility because the archetype for being moral is fear of the enforcement and no true and independent morality would likely ever be known. I think it is the same with religion as well. If we are religious because we do not want to possibly go to hell or wherever else, then we are not actually practicing that religion. It is not “what we do” but “why we do” that determines the measure of our growth.
      If we are similar to a mind that is not capable of working it out, then it will make sense to advance into a police state. I do not believe this is the case because you know what you are capable of and you are a part of it all. We are variables here. We have choice, therefore we have results.
      This is only in context to an overview of the direction of our growth and the destinations where it may lead. Case by case situations can be forever debatable and it becomes very relative to belief and perspective, though the destinations remain.
      Thank you so much for your feedback and the opportunity to further elaborate on this topic!

  2. Another excellent post. Glad to be “following.”

    • Thank you Donna, that puts a smile on my face… then I ask myself, “why does that put a smile on my face?”. Lol, the self reflection is automatic and a bit annoying sometimes! I am going to let this smile “be”. Have a wonderful day!

      • that training is what creates diamond-being. Never miss an opportunity of self-reflection. Eventually, it’s all mirroring the universe instead of the small stuff!

  3. So very true. Thanks for the follow.

  1. August 30th, 2013

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