The Transformation of Population Control


It is worthwhile to learn about Edward Bernays, especially if you are reaching for greater self-awareness.  He is the guy who wrote the book on propaganda, literally.  He worked with our government, cigarette companies, and many other entities to transform the way people thought when it came to buying products, ideas, and even values.  He developed his techniques on the structure of his uncle, Sigmund Freud, psychological research and theories.  This is why advertisement appeals to our desires of sex in extreme ways with unrelated products.  The most amazing thing about it is how well it works, even still to today.  Ever since his revolutionary technique was introduced to the masses, the world of consumerism has been kicked into an uncontrollable over drive.  Everybody feels the anxiety of needing more things that we don’t need, even when we are aware that we don’t need it.  It has transformed our sense to believe that is the way to happiness and social acceptance. 


That was the first great impact these techniques had, but there is more.

Edward Bernays worked with our government during the cold war.  At that time, the government was trying to figure out what to do about the masses level of fear.  Bernays suggested that their fears could be encouraged and manipulated to have the desired effects.  This is why communism became an exploited fear in the 1950s.  It was used against Guatemala with the help of C.I.A. agent Howard Hunt, and Bernays’ own news company, The Middle American Information Bureau.  Once the people believed Guatemala to be a threatening communistic neighbor, the bombs could drop without internal opposition. 


These methods are still being used today.  Our desires and fears are strings that are easily pulled.  I can’t figure out whether it is unrealized by the masses or just accepted as our way of doing business.  Most of my friends are content with being absorbed by television and video games.  When I try to talk to them about things that clearly matter more than staring at flashing pixels, they make condescending remarks and label me as “one of THOSE guys”.  Meanwhile, people are suffering in ways unimaginable due to our ignorance and or apathy.  This is what people mean when they say that many people are not awake or aware.  If you take offense to that, then it means that deep down you know it to be true in yourself, but your constructed identity is defending itself.  Most of us are just a result of manipulation, and that is a hard reality to swallow.


Wake up.

    • prog4
    • July 22nd, 2013

    Strings that are easily pulled? Yes for most sadly this is very true.

    It’s interesting that once I became aware of all this it all started to become more and more bizarre; I mean like – blatant; obvious.
    I find myself sort of agog observing others (Apparently) mindlessly allowing themselves to be manipulated.

    • I know, that is why I sometimes wonder if people are just characters playing a role so that I may have this bizarre story to experience. It is mind blowing that they could be real people!! But, it only seems that way and it would do me no good to believe that others were not real. They are just more apt to suffering from deception I guess.

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  2. and what about this article i just read on my facebook page… oh my god…

    RFID Chip Now Being Issued In Hanna, Wyoming As Part Of New “Obamacare” Plan | Jane M. Agni

      • Hahaha, my fiancee and I saw that too and we were like “WTF!!??” but then realized it was a satire site. The mayors name is not even accurate. But, it definitely is something that is in the works and many people do support it. Probably the same people who cheer for drones and martial law. Check out the RFID advertisement…

      • which someone made to be a warning…. maybe that’s what we are doing… waking people up… hello… anyone home…

        I’m not into conspiracy theory or one world government but it is a way to control the sheep… whoops.. mass… now that cardinals and royalty are no longer in favour….

      • Yea, they are sheep, and I am definitely considered a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist. After coming home from Iraq I was pretty active on facebook for awhile trying to get people to wake up but I noticed their brains could not register certain things that would lead them certain ways. I then had a dream and the next day I started this blog to explore the psychology of my own conditioning in order for others to relate and maybe become more apt to registering information that would destroy their bubble. Here is my story, or at least the relevant parts:

      • Indeed people are deeply embedded in the illusion of life that they have unconsciously created…. We can only be examples of light shinning so brightly they have to put on sunglasses… otherwise their layers of identity would melt…

      • I meant to say too.. I love your story… I’ve commented there too…

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