Everything perceivable is communicating with us

The ability to interpret it is our evolution.


– Artwork by Travis the Traveler

  1. What you say is very true.>KB

  2. Reblogged this on The Mirror Obscura.

    • zenschoolforcreatives
    • July 29th, 2013

    I agree and like this quote also: “There is no place at all that is not looking at you.” Rainer Maria Rilke…thank you for posting!:)

  3. Travis these are words are beautiful – I also loved the picture – thank you.

    • JJ
    • August 2nd, 2013

    Loved this picture. Being a visual person I often find that an image can resonate more than words.

  4. The pix was a classic. Liked your approach to the graphical presentation and the concept itself.
    The message is no less true.

    And thanks for following my blog. Acknowledged and appreciated.

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