Inner fear



– Artwork by Travis the Traveler

  1. Love the art work.>KB

    • Thanks KB! I am planning on adding the text to the images so that people can share them easily if they like. And thanks again for the reblog. That post got a lot of hits after that!

      • It was my pleasure. I’ll be sure to do it again. You deserve the attention, or at least the little I get.>KB

    • prog4
    • July 30th, 2013


    • Rex
    • July 31st, 2013

    Nice pun! Apparently there are gradations of fear: fear in the physical, fear in the mental and fear in the inner being. (One cannot discern one from the other through simple perceptions.) I am thinking you are perhaps referring to the third kind.

    • Thanks Rex! This can apply to all types of fear, but I would have to elaborate on the argument of necessary fears, which I do not believe in. Fear does not have to accompany awareness. Fear is an archetype if the being requires it for survival. If the being can make choices for itself based on awareness without fear, then the fear is no longer a necessary archetype. I am not fully there yet, but I am aware it is a state that exists and am experiencing a transition into that state. Each fear of any kind is a tool that we have chosen that we become afraid to let go of, even when we use the tool improperly and damage ourselves and others with it. It is all a choice to feel whatever we do. If we are angry, it is because we decided that we needed to feel angry to handle the situation. Same with sadness, anxiety, fear, joy, etc. So the question transforms from “why do I feel this way?” to “why am I choosing this archetype?”. Then we are led straight to what it is we are wanting to get our self to do with awareness instead of using the emotional archetype to push us to it so sloppily and without true understanding.

        • Rex
        • August 6th, 2013

        I totally agree with you that there are no necessary fears. Should fear be a necessary aspect of human existence? No. Should suffering be?Should ignorance be? No. But I take “necessary fears” to be quite different from “fear being necessary” for survival. A necessary fear cannot exist because understanding and awareness has the capacity to dissolve it instantly. So necessary fear is only an illusion. But, like the concept of suffering, I believe that fear is necessary for survival because even though sometimes it debilitates, sometimes it ends up helping too. (Your example of anger is a good example of help.) And this is how I think. For instance, one who has a fear of being vulnerable will never learn the beauty of true things which is sad. But for someone who has the fear of committing any wrong will also keep himself from misdeeds which is good. So fear can help or impede – depending on its use to us. To get rid of fear, one has to get rid of ignorance and live in true awareness. We all know how difficult this is. With your aphorism, I was especially thinking of the word ‘interfere’. If fear interferes, I thought you must be referring to those fears which impede and stall our growth; not those which indirectly help us survive and cope well. This dual aspect of fear is something we cannot ignore. The state of humanity is such that a lot many keep themselves from doing foolish things only because they fear it – not because they are aware from within that things ought not to be done. Hence, this “interfering” fear to me is one that stops us from progressing and I thought only inner fears can be that dangerous. By inner fear, I mean deep rooted fears. Hence, my remark. Whether fear interferes or not, true understanding always exists. It can be sought through questioning irrespective of our positive and negative relationship with fear.

      • I see clearer now what you are saying and I agree relative to the current state of existence. The result of fear is a huge variable. Right now the masses respond to fear. Their malicious desires (you can see this in the regular folk by their love for violence in entertainment) are subdued mostly because they fear the consequences and unless they can rise above that nature, I can’t blame those who use fear tactics to manipulate and domesticate them. I feel sadness when I imagine their inner potential which is of little interest to them. Have you ever read “The Secret Destiny of America” by Manly P. Hall? He was a 33rd degree Mason and has some very interesting information and a window to understand the elite philosophy. Also, “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays is great to see how the masses are being dealt with in a very intellectual and, by perspective, almost moral way (though I respect Bernays little, Manly Hall has a pretty good philosophy). It is just that from an elite perspective in power, what do you do about masses who have no interest in self awareness and living in harmony? I do not agree with their approach, but at the same time I do see how we bring this reality upon ourselves with or without them. The way I see the positive effect of fear is similar to the positive effect of a crutch for an injured person. Eventually they are supposed to walk again without it…

    • Rex
    • August 22nd, 2013

    Hey Travis,

    Good to see you back from your hibernation! Lol. Hope all is fine with you.

    I feel sadness when I imagine their inner potential which is of little interest to them.

    Ignorance comes back to bite, always, without a doubt. It is not just sadness that can be expressed but thinking of the much harm that happens when inner potential lies unrecognised and unfulfilled, one flinches to think of an existence where a great destiny is wilfully denied. Can you imagine what horrible choices one should make to do that to oneself?

    The way I see the positive effect of fear is similar to the positive effect of a crutch for an injured person.

    Well said. At the moment, the negative effects of fear any day overpower the positive ones, sadly.

    No, I have read nothing by Manly Hall but I do intend to read a certain book of his which has nothing to do with politics per se (I forget its name now, it is quite famous).


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