They say the politics of war are complicated…

It is simple to me.  It is not about the data and half truths that are fed to the masses.  It is about the broken perspective which is easily manipulated by the reasoning of fear.  That perspective perpetuates and solidifies the reality it fears.  Everybody dies eventually, but somehow survival is a concept based on flesh rather than mind/spirit….  I find that disturbing and backwards.  But there is no room for philosophy in these games because fear won’t allow it.  Sacrifice your mind and morals to keep the flesh which is kept busy serving the complex which generates the fears…  I would rather be blown to bits.

  1. I’d rather there be no choice… and no wars

    • I agree with you about no wars… but what do you mean by no choice? Choice is limited by awareness, so the more awareness we have the more choices we will have.

  2. Indeed. Well said. Peace . . .

  3. Wars have always been fought by men who have no real reason to fight. The ones with the reasons are the masters of war while those who fight are fooled into doing so by using some emotional trigger. Do it for your religion, for your country or for your race. The soldiers gain nothing from war. Soldiers are called heroes and made proud for sacrificing themselves for someone else’s cause. If anyone points out otherwise they are called cowardly or unpatriotic. It makes me sad. This post says it all

    • You are absolutely right. I am an Iraq Veteran and I saw how they pump the pride into soldiers but the good news is that many of them are not buying it anymore. Most of my unit thought it was bs that we were there so the only motivation was the paycheck. After getting a sense of that fact, I was able to ask the Iraqis in Ramadi what they thought about it all and every time the response was the same; they did not know what it was about except that if they had proof of hurting or killing an American they could take that proof and get paid for it…. It is always funded by sources with big money. Destabilization then invasion. To see people so passionately hating and fearing each other is sickening and their reasons to justify it are eagerly fed to them. I can’t help but to feel sorry for everybody even though everything has always been a choice… even the choice to believe we have no choice. Thank you for the link and I will share that on FB today!

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