The Reason

We all have a reason for everything we do.  We may not wish to realize that we are not dictated by the reason, but the truth is that it is chosen amongst many.  Realizing this extent of free will implies great personal responsibility of ones behavior, state of mind, and situation.  We are not victims and we choose our adventure here.

  1. Free will is a given but awareness is not, at least not easily.

    • Your exactly right and it can be scary to realize the extent of our free will/choices and how much of our suffering is self inflicted. We choose to beat our own hearts to experience this dream in the bed we made for ourselves.

  2. I so agree. Took many years to learn that but better late than never.

    • I know, I am just now getting it lol! We are taught and conditioned otherwise, so it is an understanding that is reached against the current.

  3. Well put. >KB

  4. This is awesome–and so where I am right now, so I appreciate the timeliness. I love your soundbites of wisdom and truth. Thanks for liking my blog so I could find yours.

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