Control Mirrored


Those who strive to control everything

are, in turn, controlled by everything.

    • Rex
    • September 25th, 2013

    And who control themselves, control everything.

    • Why would you want to control everything? It is free will that creates the story in this experience and control takes that away from all parties. Who allows themselves, are free from the shackles and obligations of control. Think of your 3d self as your child and your spirit as the parent. You do not want to control the child, you want to guide your child by allowing them to see what they need to see. It is like the difference between “Do unto others as you would have the do unto you” (western philosophy), which is the intrusive, righteous and dominant view, versus “Do not do unto others as you would not want done to you” (eastern philosophy) which is the passive and peaceful view. It seems like almost the same thing but it means a hundred wars of difference.

        • Rex
        • September 26th, 2013

        I thought it was self-evident that I was mirroring a control which was good in spirit. Especially looking at the first part of my quote, I thought that little bit was clear.

      • I have no doubt that you were. I was not judging your intention and this is not about you or I. But, like the old quote says: “The path to hell was paved in good intentions”. Control is for the righteous and it has never ended well. It is also frustrating for me to accept this and I do not have it down myself. I am still reaching for the ability to walk and understand this path. I know it, but walking it is very different. This world seems to give us all the reasons to have to control things and it is my fear that keeps me from committing to this path. My blog is really just myself talking to myself and these messages are for me. I make it public just so that anybody can take what they like from it. Nobody can judge you but yourself Rex!

        • Rex
        • September 26th, 2013

        Thanks for the comment Travis. If control is for the righteous and hence bad, and if that is the only meaning the term β€˜control’ has, then obviously the quote in your own blog post seems to be justifying it.

        Control is not always a bad thing. It is a bad if a good thing is being controlled. It is a good if a bad thing is being controlled. We must be careful of this difference before philosophising about control. For instance, when we are asked to “control our desires”, we don’t call it a freaky and wrong thing to do. And there are many instances like that.

        I guess I have to make it clear what I meant. While the path to hell is paved with good intentions, it is often the aimlessness of the path and intentions that makes it so. It is important that we be clear what is it that we are aiming to achieve with our good intentions. Most of the good intentioned people just blabber without measuring out their words of goodness and its final impact. With my quote, I said that if a person is fabulous enough to control all that is “bad” in him, he automatically controls the “bad” in everything. If that was righteous, so be it. I am yet to see some good happen without the bad being “controlled”.

        I rest my case πŸ™‚

      • Then you are right if you are looking for a message for yourself or others. I mentioned that these messages are for me and that it may not apply to others. Most people are not ready to let go of control because they have not even taken steps A, B, and C. One major step is deprogramming themselves of cultural programming. We are not hopeless sinners unless we are expecting streets of gold (or any reward for that matter) for our good behavior. When the constructed self is deconstructed, there are no ill desires to suppress or control anymore. The path changes to allowing yourself to be what we truly are inherently as human beings (even if you are crucified for it) rather than having to control the product of what the world has made us. The truth is relative and subjective. No case to be won, though, if you wish to win I would always allow it since, ironically, there is much more to be obtained through losing. Along my journey I have found that everything is backwards and nothing and everything is true however we choose it to be. Good and bad are relative and relativity reflects the self. The suffering and ill desires give us the archetype to grow, but there is no growth in suppression. Look at how well prohibition works. Control is about as useful as a pain killer. It relieves the symptoms but is in no way going to be what heals the damage. Oh yea, and some side effects may occur…
        I am thankful for your comments and I appreciate that you come here with meaningful conversation rather than just saying “cool” or “I love this”. You are my favorite commenter and you challenge my messages to myself which lead me to understand them better myself. I do not wish to be in battle of debate, rather a constructive reflection of energy where we are both enlightened from the conversation.

        • Rex
        • September 26th, 2013

        Not at all Travis. I have always love your blog and thoughts as I have loved before πŸ™‚ I am used to the intellectual culture of examining and criticising the contents of someone’s writing because that is what makes another person accountable in saying and writing things. There is nothing personal in this. In fact, I did not even feel there was debate. Perhaps because I am used to challenging myself so much this way.

        Keep writing and I am ready for more. Thanks for your wonderful spirit as well πŸ™‚

    • malootka
    • September 25th, 2013

    Reblogged this on truthionary.

    • JJ
    • September 30th, 2013

    I feel like donning my Mr. Spock mask and saying “Logic is a little tweeting bird…”

    I am not sure that self-control can be equated to the often unpleasantly ego-driven control that we impose on others. And I think it fair to say that some people who are rigidly self-controlled will expect others to be so, thus imposing a controlling pattern of righteousness automatically.

    Good old logic, likes to dance, like to lead and likes to be led. Still, it’s interesting to see both sides.

    • Yes, logic conforms to perspective and what is wished to be achieved is always bringing relativity into everything.
      But, does it make sense that if we are to become anything other than our current state, that it would be most beneficial to learn where our ill desires come from so that we have the potential to let go of that archetype by choice, rather than suppressing/controlling our ill desires without truly understanding them? If we can’t do this genuinely then we are accepting that we are potentially well behaved at best, but not capable of being more than an actor of some sort who can only hold in their ugly nature for periods of time before bursting it out on someone somewhere. We have spent all of our efforts on controlling ourselves and others for who knows how long now, and there is no great outcome from it, yet still there is such little effort spent on self-awareness, independence, and peace of mind. It does make sense though, since we are managed by a grid of control systems that thrive on our dependency, that self-awareness, independence, and peace of mind would be the last things we could ever be given here by what we depend on. Although… maybe it is given to us… We accept being told who we are to satisfy our self-awareness, we are told to celebrate our independence which we have no idea what that actually means, and we are told to sleep tight with peace of mind since we are invading all of the countries who “hate our freedom” lol… I guess there is no need to seek self-awareness, independence, and peace of mind since it is already provided!
      The righteousness is annoying but it is not a control factor in itself. It is the people who feel the obligation to follow righteousness that give it the power of control, which is even more annoying than the righteous. That is why celebrities and royalty are so dependent on their annoying fans because they are nothing without them.
      I believe we don’t have to control or fight anything to reach a better state of existence and that we are only making things worse when we do. I believe all we would have to do is create the environment in ourselves where all the exploited fears and desires cannot thrive. Until there is an archetype strong enough to effect that choice in the masses, I am sure that it will just be business as usual.

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