Nothing More

When knowledge is power and power is binding

and less is more… more or less

and up, down, left, and right are relative

and perception is subjective

and death is birth

and what is where and who is when

and relevance is spawned from problems

and problems are sought for relevance…

just row your boat gently down the stream

because life is a state of mind

and what we experience is constructed

by nothing more.


  1. Reblogged this on The Hawk's Tail and commented:
    Love this one – thought I would re-blog it! Thanks to travisthetraveler 🙂

    • It makes me smile when people like what I write, not because it makes me feel “relevant” but that simplicity actually does ring a bell. I wish for a world full of Chancey Gardner (movie: Being There) characters who approach everything with naive innocence. In the world created by that state of mind there is no need for knowledge and power and the character has almost nothing to bind him. Also, if you watch that movie, the last line is “Life is a state of mind”. It has a beautiful ending. I am thankful for the re-blog and the effect of your state of mind on our existence.

      • And I am thankful for the beauty and elegance of your “simplicity.” There is nothing more profound than simplicity, and you state it so powerfully. It is a rare gift that you have. Peace . . .

  2. Reblogged this on tothetable.

  3. Love!! It’s as simple as that!! Awesome.. 😀 thank you!

    • Now if I could just carry this understanding with me all throughout life. I always go back to trying to figure out existence!

  4. I like your telling of the consequence of life being a state of mind.

    • JJ
    • October 13th, 2013

    “and less is more…more or less.”

    I got a kick out of this line.

    This is like I was saying to you about logic! The humour of the Universe, switching things up, looking at all sides of things.

    • Yea, I had an experience while meditating in the forest and it was like all my thoughts started to flow in and out of themselves and were somehow all the same thing. There was nothing to achieve and nothing to come to a better understanding of. It was just an activity that had no end and no point. It actually freaked me out because the concept was a bit maddening to me while I was hanging on to my idea of understanding. When I came out of it I had a sense of my body and everything with solid form as such a gift. Then I came inside and made this post.

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