Bars of Insecurity

Social acceptance is a strong archetype

to perpetuate the product we have become.

    • October 10th, 2013

    Sounds like a vivid truth…

  1. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been socially acceptable. So I spend a lot of time alone.

    • Introverts are definitely less influenced by social norms in most cases. Though, in some they may dwell on the fact that they are not socially accepted and spend too much time wishing they were (but not actually doing anything about it) instead of embracing their oddness. I have gone back and forth a lot of my life. I guess it is hard not to. There were times that I feared the disconnection from others and that at some point it would be like sailing out to sea until the shoreline disappears.

      • I did the back and forth thing for many, many years. Now I embrace my oddness and enjoy the quiet. If someone chooses to embrace my companionship, they are welcome but I will no longer work to fit in their boxes. I also accept that each one is unique with different perspective on everything.

    • JJ
    • October 13th, 2013

    Introvert here too. I went back and forth for years until accepting my basic disconnect.

    I find it bothers me that psychology says there is something wrong with people who withdraw. It took me a while to see that such a blanket statement smothers the life out of certain people. There is room for everybody, a whole spectrum of life. I enjoy the quiet too. Being an introvert isn’t a crime–such a revelation!

    • I have had so many people try to correct my introversion and for the sake of perspective I jumped in with them from time to time. Introspection brings out what is in us instead of only taking in what is outside of us. It is fun to wander the spectrum but I am definitely most at home on the far end of introversion. I suppose we are more likely to find other introverts on our philosophical blogs!!

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