I Write Words to Destroy Words

I write words.

These words are interpreted with the meanings attached to them.

What are the meanings of these meanings?

Are they ideals or concepts that are relative to a specific understanding?

Can we only get so far with the words before we end up right where we started?

The more words we use the more complex it becomes.

The more complex it becomes the more blind we become.

Definitions are a narrowing of potentials.

Repetition is the formula for conditioning.

How can I use the words against themselves?

Would they ever betray each other and sacrifice their riddled intentions?

We just want to convey a sense.

The words are our tools and we trust them to be sophisticated.

No need to use any other means to convey the sense.

No need to try to interpret a sense not conveyed by the words.

Each time we use the words our sense becomes more and more relative to the words.

We feel that in order to make sense our sense must agree with the words.

The words do not work for our sense, our sense works to appease the words.

We spell the words out but the spell is on ourselves.

What happens when we perceive without the words?

… Clarity, beauty, simplicity, sense…

I write the words to destroy the words.

    • Bella
    • October 17th, 2013

    one word: Beauty!

  1. Indeed beautifuly said… Feel is the new Talk… Barbara

    • emma1951.wordpress.com
    • October 19th, 2013

    Another great piece… it’s been on my agenda to get back to your Archives – next is the lecture “Destiny” from 01/1913- waiting until I can sit still for the duration… 🙂

    • Thanks. It is a pretty good lecture. Manly Hall wrote a book called “The Secret Destiny of America” which is very interesting. I have always enjoyed the way he approaches his logic. I am glad you are enjoying these posts!

        • emma1951.wordpress.com
        • October 20th, 2013

        I’ll try to check it out sometime… thanks.

    • JJ
    • October 20th, 2013

    I find this much like reading a book. I remember years ago trying and trying to read Pierre Berton’s book on Arctic exploration “The Arctic Grail” but couldn’t get into it. Then one February, as the snow and wind whirled around my living room windows, I sat in my chair reading the Berton book and couldn’t put it down. My quiet mood and the weather created the perfect time for these words and the haunting reach of the Franklin Expedition.

    I find all words like that. One day it seems like so much blather and another day it could be the most world-shaking paragraph or poem you have seen. Isn’t it great?

    • I agree. The art of story telling has always been something beautiful to me. In fact, I am thinking of changing my blog a bit and turning it into stories written and illustrated like a graphic novel. Finding the time for this has been the hard part but starting in 2014 I should have much more time to put into it.
      There are some books I had read a long time ago and then read them again years later and it was a completely different experience/interpretation. I suppose it is true that we do see things as we are more than we see things as they are. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • JJ
    • October 20th, 2013

    I like the sound of changing your blog. I have a small collection of graphic novels. I recently bought book 4 of Eric Shanower’s Age of Bronze series about the Trojan War.

    I don’t have the money to collect graphic novels and apart from The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman or Promethea by Alan Moore, I tend to stay away from a long series, as it becomes too expensive. BUT I would enjoy a blog with an illustrated story.

    I hope you do get the time. You could always interject a story and graphics with other things. I know people create separate blogs for each little thing but I tend to mix things up on a single blog, it works better because you aren’t segregating your creativity.

    • Those are great tips! I like the way you can create many separate groups within a blog so maybe each story can have its own group. I definitely would like to share these with all the people who currently subscribe to this blog of course.
      My local library has a ton of graphic novels and my daughter loves them as well. I get my graphic novel fix for her story time every night! Right now we are reading the “Bone” series. She is young so I can’t jump into the more adult ones with her of course.
      Thanks JJ!

        • JJ
        • October 21st, 2013

        I have the Bone stories collected in one edition. I expected it to be rather childish but was surprised at the depth of them. I get graphic novels from the library sometimes too but they mostly have manga comics which don’t interest me.

        One recent graphic novel from the library that I found very deep was a memoir called “Stitches” by David Small–a bit too old probably for your daughter, but poignant.

  2. This is one of the best articles I ever read, it’s very inspiring and true. The title is spectacular, the content and the way you use your words, you’re a talented blogger. Keep it up. 🙂

  3. “I write the words to destroy the words”
    Just love this.

    I guess that goes for me too, but i just could not formulate it this way.

  4. I write to get around them.

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