Now is Never

We only experience the transition or movement of states, but we may never experience the current state.  Movement is the code of time and space and all that we can perceive here.

Now is a moment between memory and speculation.  It exists in a space that is nonexistent.  There is no time for now because all of the movement, which is time itself, will not stop in it’s path to rest a moment to allow there to be such a thing as now.  We are always becoming warmer or colder, older, taller, more tired, more energized, richer or poorer, happier or sadder, etc.  So, as much as we want to “be”, we can only “become” and all of the things/ideas we attach ourselves to will always come into reach for some time before going back out of reach at varying frequencies.  The moment when that attachment is halfway out the door feels completely different than the moment when that attachment is halfway in the door, even though, in that moment the state is the same, it is only the motion, the energy of the current state, that is relevant to our perception.  It is our attachments that create resistance to the motion which is interpreted as pain, fear and stress.

  1. The buddhist monks and some other spiritual people talk about being in the now. It is exactly how you define it and learning to be in the now is learning to be in nothing. I don’t know how that experience would be like but I do hope to get close to it someday.

  2. I think you must have heard of Heidegger, but he said we’re not human beings, but human becomings. Nice post.

    • Jen
    • December 23rd, 2013

    I am so riddled with attachments right now. I think my #1 New Years resolution will be “detach.”

  3. That’s why they called Jeshua (Jesus) The Annointed One:

    Nothing sticks.

    • Is that a play on words or really true?? Absolutely profound and beautiful and meaningful. I know this post is old and I am not sure how I missed this comment until now. Thanks for that!

      • You’re welcome, Travis! 🙂 When I read and learn something that rings true, I’m the type who tends to believe it, and then pass it on.

        Peace to you. — Uncle Tree

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