Archetypes of Socializing

Reflecting on our understanding of socializing.

What do we generally think of when we say socializing?  We think of talking and interacting with one another.  But what is it that we are really doing from a broader, more objective angle?  The answer is in the definition:

1.  mix socially with others.  (this is what we generally think of)

2.  make someone behave in a way that is acceptable to their society.  (this is what we are actually doing)

Now think of the second definition in terms of macro and micro.  This is important because as soon as we think of socializing from the perspective of being a governing/control mechanism the perspective becomes reluctant to light up on the micro end of the spectrum.  Every word we speak to another person has the inevitable ability to influence them toward or away from one’s perspective, which can be called their personal society.   Now we can modify the second definition to fit a micro perspective of socializing:

2.  make someone behave in a way that is acceptable to their perspective.

This is not to negate the former second definition, but to shed light on both macro and micro perspectives of the word.  And being that the micro perspective is the one that effects us at a higher frequency, it seems to be more relevant to our general understanding.  Much of this may seem obvious but the point is to make it more conscious.

note:  Macro and Micro are always reversible due to relativity and perspective.  The governing/control mechanism perspective could be considered micro and the other macro.

There is also a flip side to this.  It does apply to one’s self as well.  We are the programmers of our own minds, though we demonstrate little awareness of this fact.  We may put something out there and if we receive affirming responses, that something will make it’s way into the more permanent seats of our perception of reality, even if we know that we influenced the response to our wishes through incentives or other tactics.

Now for the fun part.

Everyday self reflection with the micro understanding of socializing being an independent marketing campaign to spread your perspective to others and/or to influence/affirm your own.  And remember… Self image is the opposition to self reflection.  Enjoy!

    • JJ
    • January 13th, 2014

    “socializing being an independent marketing campaign to spread your perspective to others and/or to influence/affirm your own”

    There can be a vital spark of energy with 1 + 1. This might involve affirming your own perspective but often it brings the freshness of another view or way of doing.

    The spark, the stimulation of another perspective can be as alluring as holding onto your own. Is it influence we actively seek, or is influence an interesting result which we never planned on–like a happy accident?

    While acknowledging the campaign of the rational mind, I often think we are surprised by the ability of others to bypass any campaign of ours and surprise us with delightful new fun.

    It happens rarely, but socializing can bring such unexpected delight, far beyond any strategy of personal marketing. We wait, ever hopeful.

    • Yes, it happens rarely haha! The longer I am here the less I can honestly be optimistic about human nature. According to Genesis, we are GMO ourselves and that is a problem in nature as we can see in our own GMO experiments. So, as far as hope goes, I do not. But I will make the most of this journey since we are all here now. I will do my best to adapt in a mutually beneficial way with nature and have as much fun as I can enjoying the show. We are at our best in solitude together, so everybody hush all that racket and listen to existence, for we are visitors and that is our treat.

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