This Was Not Our Home

Our struggle to adapt

is all that need be shown

to be self evident that

this was not our home.


– Travis The Traveler

    • philosophojake
    • February 3rd, 2014

    I have not thought about this before. While I think the reason we had to adapt was because of changes that took place after sufficient conditions were present, this is definitely something I’ll have to consider and ponder.

    • I wonder if we are genetically modified organisms (GMO) since we have the option to choose whether to be carnivorous or vegan, and that we are sometimes hairy and other times hairless, etc. Genesis suggests genetic manipulation by creating woman from a sample of Adam’s rib. I believe we are potentially a wonderful creation if we can integrate ourselves into this world successfully. Thanks for stopping by and pondering with me. Not many true philosophers out there it seems.

        • philosophojake
        • February 6th, 2014

        I like what you said about being potential wonderful creations if we integrate ourselves into the world. I’ve seen that this is indeed the only way towards progress.

  1. Utterly speaking:

    Can we ever integrate?…

    Where is “home” after all?…

    • Not sure about “we” integrating anymore. I can only be responsible for “I”.
      Not sure where our home was, but I know where our home is now.

  2. Power packed wisdom here! Love the combination of simplicity and a profound idea. Sometimes it is ok to just walk away from something that clearly is not right for us. I needed this message today. I love how Source guides us to what we need to hear. hugs, pat

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