The Alchemical Worker

All life is the expression of invisible forces which spawn from what is generally referred to as God.  You can destroy the vessels that are moved by undesirable (or desirable) forces, but you cannot destroy the force itself.  It will re-manifest with quantum behavior, showing up where you may not expect it.  An alchemical worker understands how to move these forces and how to be moved by them without being helpless to their will. 

  1. I am not claiming “I know”. I speak only from my “experience”, and consequently, I am just urged to say that many times the invisible forces don´t seem to spawn from what is generally reffered to as “God”.

    The dark aspect of God embodied by Abraxas – a deity of which Hermann Hesse or others reffer to – is, in my opinion, ever-present.

    Despite my so-called knowledge, precise sagacity and readiness to see and grasp, I for one feel helpless to their will. I do may best to gain insights over and outwit their “attacks” but invariably, I fall pray to their tantalizing whims and malice.

    Do you really understand how the “good” forces work and to move along with them?

    • I don’t believe in good forces or bad forces. Only misplaced or neglected forces that will inevitably “speak” louder if none choose to hear them and address their existence. They will also defend their right to exist if they are threatened to be abolished by the judging rather than addressed by the understanding. I believe that “God” is a word that people use because they want to be a child of something greater rather than to be elevated to stand with what is greater and to let go of identifying themselves with their form and seeing that their form is a tool for the forces to express their energies. I do not know for sure either, but this is my intuition and my message to myself in order to guide my own journey. I just share it online, not to tell anybody how it is, but to offer my perspective for the potential affirmation in others. I tend to reject the ideas of personification and just want to understand the source of expression.
      I am living a life that is guided by forces and I believe that everybody is as well. It is a matter of realizing this and gaining the ability to communicate with them. By doing this I have gone against my rational mind and trusted in these communications, which literally saved my daughters life and exposed many misplaced forces interacting in my life. Synchronicity is abundant now and through acknowledgement of these communications I can see doors open each time as a result. All I can truly know is what I experience myself, and that can be said for anybody.

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