Identity Like Time

Identity is much like time.  We do not know how to exist without it, but it only serves as a limitation to our free will.  A truly free person is not bound by any identity that would restrict their choices or perception.  They would know no insecurity, have no face to save and nothing to prove.  At any given point, they could choose to be anything with the awareness that they are nothing, namely the vessel they reside in which all of their peers seem to identify each other with.

  1. So true. I’m trying to let go of this false identity myself.

    • I am not sure if we can ever completely let it go, but the awareness itself is enough to make a huge difference in perspective and freedom.

      • Yes of course. I’m trying to be courageous and not let this false identity stop me from being who I really want to be and chasing my dreams.

      • As long as you are trying, you are implying that you are holding back. As long as you are allowing, you are in realization of what is already there and letting it free. Containment takes much effort and it is much more natural to let your life force flow. I have not applied all of this to my own life, but I write these messages for myself to reflect upon and move forward while sharing with others.

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