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Where to Live?

To live in thought is to perceive finitely

To live in sense is to perceive infinitely


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What we chase drives what we run from.


Philosophy or Art: 1

As Philosophy, there is contradiction for the mind

As Art, there is contrast for the picture

As Philosophy, we may understand finitely

As Art, we may comprehend infinitely

The brain wants to make sense out of what the consciousness senses, but the brain can never “make sense” because it only receives sense for analysis.  It is the brain that misses the art and feels the need to spell out words that point to what is sensed in order to “figure it out”.  Even the phrase, “figure it out” points to the idea that you are taking something out and figuring it into something understandable for the brain, therefore changing and isolating what was sense.  Comprehend is the infinite version of understand because there is nothing perceivable so limited to be understood.  The potentials and variables are are too much for philosophy to figure out.  The higher form of interpretation is sensing art because all are moving in patterns and by the time you analyze it, it will have already become a different picture to be sensed or missed.

Three Step Plan

The moment you become dependent on anything outside of your own labor and lifestyle in order to survive

you are a slave.

The moment you invite public messengers to determine your environment and state of concern

you are a zombie.

The moment you compromise your personal morals in the name of fear and confusion

you are dead.

Answers vs. Art

Thought is not simply a path to answering

our relatively relevant manifested questions.

Far more intricately, it is the negative space

lending contrast between our inner/outer worlds.

The goal is not to find correct answers

but to be empowered to paint the relative truths

in ways that invoke appreciation for the scope of view.

Art is the window to apply ourselves as creators

in the same way that we idealize our own creator.


– Travis the Traveler

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