Philosophy or Art: 1

As Philosophy, there is contradiction for the mind

As Art, there is contrast for the picture

As Philosophy, we may understand finitely

As Art, we may comprehend infinitely

The brain wants to make sense out of what the consciousness senses, but the brain can never “make sense” because it only receives sense for analysis.  It is the brain that misses the art and feels the need to spell out words that point to what is sensed in order to “figure it out”.  Even the phrase, “figure it out” points to the idea that you are taking something out and figuring it into something understandable for the brain, therefore changing and isolating what was sense.  Comprehend is the infinite version of understand because there is nothing perceivable so limited to be understood.  The potentials and variables are are too much for philosophy to figure out.  The higher form of interpretation is sensing art because all are moving in patterns and by the time you analyze it, it will have already become a different picture to be sensed or missed.

    • riptide4
    • June 30th, 2014

    I realise that romanticising concepts is fun, but you aren’t looking at this objectively. The whole definition of philosophy for the majority is to explore realms where physicality cannot. Because art can perceive illogically it is true that it has some broader aspects but since art is tangible it can never be infinite.

    • The result of art is tangible, not art itself.

        • riptide4
        • July 1st, 2014

        No, thought generates art. Something that is finite does not generate something that is infinite. Also what you consider art is subjective.

      • Thought is but one avenue for the creation of art, but it is not the creator of art as a whole. Art is everywhere to be discovered and thought about, recreated, etc. How you perceive art is subjective. What art is… is potentially anything, which means infinite, you can not define it.

        • riptide4
        • July 1st, 2014

        No matter how many finite you add you never get infinite.
        Please define what art is- if you want to make your own special definitions that’s fine but realise you can’t use those in society.
        Art is infinite, but some infinities are bigger than others and since art is perceived in the mind art derives from thought. Potentially anything doesn’t mean infinite, potentially anything means potentially anything. Some infinities are bigger than others, and thought can perceive all art and thus is a bigger infinity.

        • riptide4
        • July 1st, 2014

        Also you just said art can only form something tangible meaning art can’t be more infinite than thought because it can’t create intangible things

      • I have to get used to you academia folks always being so conclusive. I did not say “only”, though my sentence could assume that. But art is not limited to creating tangible things… you know that to be true right?

        • riptide4
        • July 1st, 2014

        You realise you are using philosophy to condemn it right?
        Also while art isn’t limited to creating tangible things art has to be observed to be considered art so most of the time it must be tangible

  1. Philosophy, etymologically, is the love and pursuit of wisdom. For the ancient Greeks, it was also about the body (gymnastics and different rituals), the psyche (digging in the caverns of the soul, practicing self-transformation), aesthetic experience (appreciating beauty in nature and in art), and community (learning to live a good life with other people). I think that seeing philosophy as something relegated to the brain is a very modern and limited perspective…

    • Relativity implies that even wisdom varies in relevance from moment to moment, turning it into art as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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