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Global Currency

Above all other currencies
Spend attention most wisely

Preserve or Renew

Life wants to renew itself more than it wants to preserve itself.

Growth Inverted

Internal growth is effortless because it is relieving the energy exerted to contain yourself.

Sincere is Seeing Sin

Only while seeing sin
is sincerity possible.

Your Gifts

The greatest gifts are not received, but realized.

Invisible Forces

Do the invisible forces which move our state of being exist exclusively within us?  If this is so, no restructuring of things outside of one self may be responsible for any personal growth.  The restructuring of things outside is but a reflection of the internal alchemical achievements or failures.


Shedding Dependency

I have been working on an amazing project this past year and a half. The goal is to reduce dependency on services, utilities, and any other regular expenses that we require to live.

My manual back up pump came for one of our wells today and I am so excited that it can pump water into my pressurized tank, providing running water for the entire house without electricity!  For less than $1000 I am free of dependency concerning plumbing for the rest of my life (even the septic tank is maintenance free!). The sense of freedom and empowerment is satisfying to say the least!

The next investment is an outdoor wood burning stove that can heat 3 separate buildings (house, garage, greenhouse.. perfect!) and it is able to heat our driveway in the winter so there will be no snow to shovel. It works by heating water and pumping that water into a radiator installed in a pre-existing furnace or by simply running the pipes where you want radiant heat. The water pump for the stove is small enough to be ran by battery (we are getting the best battery, can’t reveal the type because these batteries are already on backorder and I have to wait forever to get them) which charges by solar and anytime we turn on our regular electricity. Over time I want to modify the wood burning stove to be able to distill water and generate electricity by tapping into the temperature gradient using thermocouples.

Pave your own way, make your own system, do not assume that everybody has already figured out the best way or the right way. My life has been simplified and empowered tremendously just by not doing it the way everybody else does. They will fight you every time you challenge what they think is best, but the question is why would it threaten them?


-Travis The Traveler

To Convey a Sense.

To convey a sense is very different than to convey a thought.

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